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Mondays in #ourlittlejungalow. 🏑

When your love for Ethiopia and California collides. Thank you, @bentleytribe! πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ή

Ojai oasis. 🌱

Weekend starts TODAY. πŸŽ‰
Last weekend, @allenmask and I adventured back to Ojai and landed at this part picnic, part wine bar, part coral camper gem of a spot in Ojai. We're dreaming up new adventures for the weekend ahead, wondering where the road may lead us. And favorite SoCal suggestions, friends? All I know for sure is that tonight includes Al's homemade fried chicken sandwiches and our favorite 90s playlist. We love Fridays.

Where the WILD things are.
And, new home trend alert! 🚨 Have you guys s-e-e-n these vintage vinyl floor cloths? They seem to be all the rage right now in Ojai. At first, I did a double take, thinking they were colorful Moroccan tiles, then another double take thinking they were the kind of vinyl floors my grandmother used to have. But, they've kind of grown on me and now I'm thinking about one for #ourlittlejungalow. Yay or nay? They're durable, nonslip, and lay flat. I'm already dreaming up ideas wth the classic black and white combo, as well as mixing tiles with different textures, for a unique look. Luxury vinyl tiles, who knew?

Chasing Little Miss Sunshine vans around town = new favorite pastime. ✌🏾🚐

Get out there and go for it, friends.
Yes, "it." Whatever "it" is. "It" being what you've been dreaming about, the idea keeping you up at night, the thing that lights you up when you think about it and talk about it. πŸ’‘Maybe "it" is that item that's been sitting in your Amazon cart for way too long (I'm definitely guilty of this one and finalllllly pulled the trigger on a set of watercolors yesterday 🎨 and jumped into a new book for the first time in months πŸ“š), or the passion you keep putting on the back burner. Your time and our time is now. And, the only person holding you back is you.
Photo: @makeithappenphotography
Hair: @taylerrad
Jewelry: @thegeneralcollective

Sky's more blue, in Malibu. 🎢
I can't stop, won't stop listening to 'Malibu' on repeat, windows down, hair flying in the ocean breeze. It's definitely my summer song. I already feel the long days getting shorter and fall is somehow just around the corner. Summertime, I'm holding on tight to every last day and every last ray.

Inspired by the tradition of Japanese sake glasses at an izakaya (an informal Japanese gastropub), these hand-painted @katandroger ceramics await locals at a little bar in Ojai. There's something about the quaint, quirky nature of this place that draws you in immediately and is so charming. What would your spot say? I'm thinking The Carlt, Carlton's Place, or Spritz Please...

Live the little things.

Summer, spritzes, and soaking up time with this guy. β˜€οΈ

Adventuring back to Ojai with @allenmask today, because... I. Can't. Get. Enough. 🌴

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