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Riding into Monday with big dreams and the determination to make them happen! ☁️ This week, I'm officially kicking things off with an ethical fashion brand I've been dreaming of working with, I'm learning more about becoming an essential oils wellness advocate and I'm picking up a paintbrush for the first time in nearly a decade. 🎨 What can't you stop dreaming about? What do you keep talking and talking about, but haven't yet made into a reality? Encouraging y'all to dream big and to take one step at a time toward those dreams until they become a reality. If you want something, go after it. Go get it. And, don't let anyone stop you or tell you you aren't enough, because you absolutely are. ⚡️

Loved stumbling upon this charming gem in Stikkishólmur. If you're in Iceland, bakery stops are a m-u-s-t. Be sure to stock up on yummy treats like kleinur (traditional twisty doughnuts) or ástar pungur (aka ‘love balls,’ which are fried balls of dough with raisins), and always ask for their daily soup and fresh bread special. And, #realtalk y'all, why isn't there a pretzel emoji when you need one?! 🙋🏼🥖🥐🍞🍪

Happy FriYAY, friends! 🏩🏫🏢
I made it back safely to Santa Barbara from Iceland and am having a blast sifting through all of the photos and videos from our trip with @nomoontravel!! In the next few days, I'll be sharing a few more faves, plus a few travel tips and tricks (that will help bring your content to the next level) and a roundup of places you can't miss if you're ever in Iceland. Can't wait to let you in on some fun secrets! 🎉

As my girl @bonvoyagebetty says, "It's the real-life church emoji in Iceland!" ⛪️⛪️⛪️ Betty and I met on Instagram a year ago, and little did we know it would lead us to gallivanting around LA and taking a trip to Iceland together. She runs @nomoontravel, where she leads micro tours to LA, Iceland and Mexico. 🇺🇸🇮🇸🇲🇽 She lives her company's mission of supporting small and local with all of the scenic stops and foodie spots she curates along the way. If you're dreaming of going to Iceland, her trip is unlike any other. When you're there, be sure to chase after all of the beautiful churches. Their architecture is so charming, and they look like they're straight out of an emoji set!

Spent the morning on a horse farm in Iceland 🇮🇸 and fell in love with this guy. They call him "One Blue Eye." 🐴

💠B L U E L A G O O N 💠
Photo: @kvdenn

Pops of pink, strong cappuccinos, and homemade chocolate chip pistachio biscotti. I could realllly get used to this "slow travel" lifestyle. Thanks for showing us all of the best secrets in this sleepy little town, @nomoontravel. Stykkishólmur was, by far, one of my favorite places on the map (it even sounds like "stylish")!

Crater rim walking with @bonvoyagebetty.
Iceland is known as the land of ice ❄️and fire 🔥because it's filled with geological structures like glaciers and volcanic springs, often located right next to each other. At least two volcanic eruptions occur every decade, which add more lava rock and character to the landscape. Crater Grábrók is right off Ring Road, and is a pretty easy walk (and so worth it!) up to the top of the crater, with stunning views for aerial and panoramic photos.

So grateful for social media's ability to connect like-minded, yet diverse sets of people you might not have met otherwise. Because of @nomoontravel, this trip to Iceland has taken these ladies from Insta friends to instant gal pals! Inspired by the power and beauty of technology in our lives.📱

Inside Iceland. 💠💠💠
Photo: @bonvoyagebetty

Walking on sunshine. ☀️
Photo: @bonvoyagebetty

Stumbled upon the cutest café in Iceland today with alllll the pops of pink! And, they just opened it one week ago. Pink shelves, pink espresso cups, and pink ceramic wares are giving me pink inspo for days. I'm envisioning pink picnics with pink gin and tonics and the prettiest pink details. Who wants to join me?! ☕️🎀💕

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