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With him, most days are the best day of my life. But it's on the no good horrible rotten very bad days that I am the most thankful that I get to be loved by him.

Women are amazing. But these women? They're awful.
Just kidding. Happy Galentine's Day to the smartest, kindest, toughest, weirdest, grossest group of girls I know. Here's to another year of supporting each other - sometimes very literally.

Shout out to @acroluvas for the creative direction and beautiful pics 💚

"I think the best role models for women are people who are fruitfully and confidently themselves, who bring light into the world."

File under: Totally Shocking News That Definitely No One Already Knew!

I love productive Monday mornings, but I don't love the way my back feels after sitting at my desk for several hours.
Here's a quick flow I did at lunch to let my spine know I still care. Real time flow was about 10 minutes (I cut off some of the restorative bridge at the end).
Try some of these movements if you're feeling like you owe your spine an apology and let me know how it feels!

Fly or die

Long time no face

My Tuesday mantra: My anger is valid but it has served its purpose and deserves no more of my energy.
I woke up angry today. Righteously angry about a situation in my life. I channeled that anger into a some relatively productive actions that moved the situation as close to resolution as I can personally get. Awesome, right? Except I was still pissed, even after I'd done everything that was in my power. That's when it hit me - I don't have to keep being angry. Even though I was totally justified in my anger, once I used it to move the situation forward, it was only hurting me.
How often do we leave a confrontation still feeling angry? How often do we right a wrong and still feel pissed that it even happened in the first place? How often do we turn what should simply be a tool for change into a knife in our own side?
We have a choice. Keep practicing.

If you've ever attended one of my classes, you've heard the first yoga sutra - "Right now, the teachings of yoga are offered."
I say this after we come out of savasana in every class, no matter the style or the content or who attended. I don't just say it because it sounds pretty. I don't say it because I heard someone else say it. I say it because that reflection is an important staple in my own personal practice that has been absolutely transformative in redefining what I call yoga.
When I finish taking a class that I didn't enjoy, the teachings of yoga are still offered. When I come out of a meditation practice frustrated, the teachings of yoga are still offered. When life is throwing more at me than I can handle, the teachings of yoga are offered. When I'm paralyzed with fear on a wall 60 feet off the ground, the teachings of yoga are offered. When I'm overtaken with joy, the teachings of yoga are offered.
Right now, the teachings of yoga are offered. It's up to us to take them.

No caption is going to be as cute as this picture

I super like this guy!

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