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Carly Fox  @papayagals_ 🍦 ☕️ 🌊 🍪 in a nutshell

if you want to know the way to my heart...make me a cup of ☕️ and then take me here.
i have had some dream days this september. it’s been one for the books. 🙏in the good words of rumi “when you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy”. regardless of what is happening in my external world when i step into the sea everything shuts off and mind/ body and spirit unite in “flow” with the ocean. it’s an incredible feeling, it saves my life and mental health on the regular and im grateful to know it! if you are ready to shut your mind off and feel some flow, you can join me on a retreat:
DM me for details and say yes to an adventure. I’ve heard in the space of the unknown we grow immensely... I’ll jump if you do 💓⚡️🌊 @papayagals_ @stepinthesea @noorishtofino @dryftwatersports

A few weeks ago we took an incredible horseback ride overnight into the countryside 🇳🇮 I can’t think of a more spectacular way to enjoy the natural beauty of this place, the warmth of the people and have a rip roaring good time with some epic amigas. Thanks to @aguavivanica for organizing. For anyone that wants a once in a lifetime experience enjoying the backroads of rural Nicaragua and sharing with the people that call her home- contact Aura and go adventure!

I am co-hosting a series of retreats with the beautiful @noorishtofino
An opportunity to dive deeper into self in connection with a supportive community of women. We will be deliciously immersed in nature in one of the most magical places 🌎⚡️Tofino, BC. There are limited spaces available! DM me for more info 🤗

i don’t want to go
thank you for this time
what lays ahead
what is left behind
#haiku #youarewelcome 🤣🙃
ps. my mom found this fossil in the himalayas last year around this time. the estimate of its age is 150 million years old. how’s that for a little time/ space perspective switch!?

did it really happen if there is not photographic evidence.... 🤔👽

morning texture and flow.

he beat me. and in that moment we were both winning. practices in perspective daily. the ultimate result is an infinite amount of gratitude for today. love you all.

tempestuous seas

the future is female! by @alexandra.siebert

Picture perfect day in Tofino. Check out @noorishtofino June 2019 I will be doing a retreat collaboration in this magical part of the world! All details are on their site. 📷: @rgoldphotos

Check out @noorishtofino!! I am over the moon to be co- hosting a Yoga, creativity, connection and surf retreat this June 2019! You can DM me for details. We are going to one of the most magical places on earth!!!!

What a weekend!!!! I got to watch my best friend marry her best friend! @mowiththeflow_ was radiant and celebrated in all her beauty, surrounded by so much love. All of the immense waves of love she sends into the world everyday I saw reflected back to her tenfold this weekend. And to the 🐼 that holds her heart with tender, steady and laughter filled intention @me_am_panda, you did the thing!! Woohoooo!! Couldn’t be any happier for you two! Love wins! ⛰ 🐼 🌊 #toastonthecoast2018

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