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Here’s a tip and it’s kind of an odd one. But it’s effective! When taking a bouquet shot, I almost always ask the bride to “stroke” the stems or the ribbons tied around them. She might feel super awkward, essentially “petting” her bouquet, but don’t those soft hands look stunning?

Spring has arrived! We’re just a month or two away from diving head first into peak wedding season here in the PNW! Do you feel ready? Inspired? Creatively engaged to do your best work? Or could you still be coming down from last season, wishing you could have more time to catch your breath and to maybe fall in love with what you do again?
If you’re looking for a jolt of inspiration and a chance to take your business to a whole new level in 2017, then I think @vineandflourish workshop, cohosted by myself and @kristenmarieparker, is exactly what you need!
Join us on May 9th and 10th in Seattle for an inspiring and encouraging two-day educational experience, along with heartfelt community and sharing! We’re going to cover a multitude of business strategies, as well as techniques to keep your creative juices coming all season long! Not to mention, a beautifully styled photoshoot with gorgeous florals provided by @thatchfloral and hair/makeup by @offwhitemakeupandbeauty in a stunning PNW location to take home and juice up your portfolio.
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Can you feel it today?! The sun is out and there’s a hint of spring in the air! Just in time for the season to officially kick off tomorrow! And there’s still one week left to grab your spot at next Saturday’s Springtime Mini Session marathon at my Seattle studio! Details can be found at the link in my profile. We’re going to have some gorgeous florals set up, as well as custom floral crowns and headpieces available for purchase to give your session some creativity and polish! Email me at to grab your spot!

I love Wyn.
Circa 2013, WPPI in Vegas. That was a very good year.

If ya'll couldn't tell (and I don't use the term "ya'll" lightly, because I'm more of a "you guys" kind of person), I have got the itch to get back to shooting! Revisiting past engagements has me all kinds of revved up!

One of the incredible joys I have as a photographer is watching past clients build their families. I am so, SO excited for Jessika + Joe to bring their baby girl into the world later this year. Reminiscing over their wonderfully fun engagement shoot a few years back. These two make me smile.

One of my all-time favorite wedding moments was while second shooting for @emthegem down near San Luis Obispo, California a few years back. Amanda and Brian were in the middle of their first look on the ONLY part of the golf course we were allowed to walk on and in the middle of their tender moment, the sprinklers kicked on and they had to high-tail it out of there!
The smiles on their faces and their laughter said it all! It was such a wonderful moment, which I'm sure they'll never forget! I certainly won't!
I think it's incredibly important to remember that your attitude and who you are *at your core* is ultimately going to determine how your photos turn out. You simply cannot force a look, an emotion, or a moment to happen. But you can look for those things and capture them in a way that will touch people, especially your clients, who is your most important audience.
@kristenmarieparker and I want to talk to you more about this very fundamental idea in wedding and portrait photography during our two-day @vineandflourish workshop, happening this May 9 and 10 in Seattle. We're going to talk about a lot of things, but this influences everything!
If you've been wanting to take your imagery to the next level and to break through the barriers of your own business, consider grabbing one of the few remaining spots left!
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You can also visit either @kristenmarieparker's or my blogs to see images from our last workshop and get an idea of what you can expect during this fine gathering of creatives.

Pregnant mamas! For those interested, you can absolutely snag a Mini Session spot on March 25th! These sessions are not just exclusively available for kiddos!
So if you've got a bump to show off, I highly recommend booking one of these sessions! And adding some of @jessannhelton's gorgeous florals for that beautiful, romantic, polished touch.
Email me at for full details or click the link in my profile! Limited spots available!

I knew I had found “the one” when I saw how much (and frankly, how easily) I could make him laugh. And vice versa! When you can laugh freely with someone, open and loud, without worry or self-consciousness? Take that as a very good sign.

2017 has already been so challenging on every personal level for me. I mean, really, my second son was born on New Year's Day!

I feel like this is going to be a huge year for me as a mother. I talk a lot about being a photographer, as I subscribe so much of who I am to that role, but I feel like this year, I'm mostly going to be a  student. And it's mostly about my role as a mom.

After a couple years of building my portfolio, I began working families out of my repertoire. There were things I enjoyed about photographing families, but in all honesty, they mostly just stressed me out. I mean, REALLY stressed me out. Because kids are unpredictable and often, so difficult to keep happy.
But then, Theo was born, and I started looking at the photos I would take of him, whether they were of him happy or sad, I felt so much joy in all of them!

There was one particular photo I took of him just after his first birthday, standing in a patch of grass, surrounded by cherry blossom pedals. It was such a serene little spot. But he hated the feeling of standing on uneven ground, and he stood there, frozen, making the best crying face I've ever seen. And as awful as it was of me to leave him standing there so I could take his photo, I'm so glad I HAVE THAT PHOTO. Because I never want to forget that face. His crying face--the one he made when he wasn't in any sort of pain or immediate danger--has always been so funny to me! I can't wait to tell him, "And here you are, standing in grass and hating it. Look at you. Look at you crying, standing in grass! You're so sad! LOLOLOLOL!!!" With that said. I've embraced shooting families again, and especially photographing children. No matter what they're doing or feeling, it's all precious and so fleeting. I love it all because I understand it so much better now. // SPRINGTIME MINI SESSIONS for your kiddos in two weeks, Saturday, March 25th, 2017 in Seattle! Custom florals by @jessannehelton also available to add to your session! Email me at for details or click on the link in my profile to check availability!

Nothing beats a soft and gentle space like this Port Gamble chapel.

That time I photographed an angel on her wedding day.

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