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⠀⠀⠀Avɑyɑ and Alizɑ Hugo  ✩ Represented by BOSS model mɑnɑgement For ɑll collɑborɑtions emɑil below

It's nearly summer ♥️🙌🏼👙
This heatwave is getting me all super excited for the rompers & bloomers to come out for the girls ..
For now, have a throwback of Alizaboo in one of her first ever romper sets 😩♥️
Also can someone please tell me why I shouldn't have another baby 🤷🏼‍♀️ apart from the obvious reasons like... my fella would leave me & my family would disown me 😂

"I'm tired, worn out. Drained.
The whining, the tugging, the constant touch, the sass, the tantrums, the time outs, the tears. motherhood isn't for the faint. It's hard & tiring, by the end of the day I'm so ready for bed because truthfully I'm done. Until I lay her down. Then the guilt sets in. Did I give her enough attention. Did I yell at her too much. Did I teach her anything new today. Did she feel loved enough. Did she eat healthy enough. It literally never ends.
After she's asleep I literally just want to scoop her up and smother her in all my love. I just want to remind you all to be kind to yourselves mama's. Your doing an amazing job, and your babies are truly lucky you love and care for them so very much" ♥️

Gymnastics ready after 2 weeks off! Her little chipmunk smile says it all! She's buzzing 😂🐯
Cutest sparkley leo from @dmleotards 🙌🏼

When you come across your all time favourite photo & then realise it's #flashbackfriday
A flashback to the time I was still very new to motherhood.. learning all the time.
To a time when I had two young babies, lots of sleepless nights & to a time I was pretty much living in a bubble.
I was happy then but I never realised how much happier I was to become.
About to have two little girls who were to become my best friends aswel as eachother's 💘
Avaya and Aliza you have my heart 👭
P.s to my long time followers, can you believe this photo is 2.5/ almost 3 years old 🤷🏼‍♀️😩

Second child syndrome is a real thing you know 🤷🏼‍♀️
I reckon god definitely overheard me and dan saying how easy avaya was.. how well behaved she was & how fabulous she slept ... That when I became pregnant with this one he thought he'd challenge us this time 😂
you can see the mischief 🤦🏼‍♀️

Here she is, my emotionally unstable pint-sized dictator with the uncanny ability to know exactly how far she can push me towards insanity before reverting to the most loveable creature ♥️ she's worth every minute. My pint-sized bestie

Ever just take a step back & look at your babies & realise that they're really not babies anymore 😩♥️
This is such an amazing age though I do have to admit, yesterday we went for a picnic in the park and we must of spent an hour with them searching for holes in trees that the girls were adamant were 'fairy doors' 😂🍄🌾
not gonna lie Me and dan got well into it aswel 😂🤦🏼‍♀️ I dread to think what people passing us by must of thought. Any ideas on how we can fill the rest of the Easter holidays would be greatly appreciated 🙏🏼 Pinafores from @cutiekidzboutique

She ma bestie 💙

Photo creds to avaya 👸🏼hence the fact the tops of our heads are cut off -believe it or not, this is the best out of a BAAAAAD bunch 😂

Little & Large 👭😂
Possibly my fave Tee's ever 🙌🏼
The girls whole outfit is tagged.
• Hope your all enjoying the Easter break xoxo •

Today we finally got to meet the newest member of our family,
baby Grayson 😩 I literally could NOT put him down.
Was so lovely seeing @evie.mt_ too you are quite literally the prettiest EVER!
We'll be down to London very soon to see you all I promise @m220et

Oh babies.
Freshly bathed & ready for bed 👭
A bit earlier than usual as they're practicing sharing rooms tonight as we've decided alizas room will be no more, we're going to move the girls in together, re-do Avaya's bedroom and invest in a bunk bed.. figured the girls are the perfect age now and they've non-stop mithered us for months about staying together 🤷🏼‍♀️
P.S can anyone recommend any cute shops or boutiques that have bunk beds? Safe ones that are not super high? Tag away ♥️

We've had the best chilled easter weekend ever, a bit of time off social media, lots of family time all together & adventures out
How cute are these leggings and bow sets! & they are obsessed with their new my little pony backpacks.. it's a good job they match their outfits 😄💜
Hope everyone has had a lovely easter & are enjoying the long weekend xo
Leggings & bows @harlows_wardrobe17
Bags @coolclobber

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