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~(º▼ º )☆Carly☆( º ▼º)~  ようこそ! Welcome to my instagram page everyone~~! ( •` w'•)/ ♥

Spent the whole day in Magic Kingdom with my sis yesterday and had so much fun!!! Thanks @margotcramer for putting up with all my shenanigans, I am so lucky to have such an amazing little sis💖💖💖 #loveyousis

Went to Hollywood Studios with my sis today!!! I had so much fun but got waaaay too much sun, I look like a crab now☀️ 🦀☀️🦀☀️🦀☀️

Went to Disney's Animal Kingdom today♡♡♡ We went really early to go and spend lots of time exploring the new Pandora section~☆ IT IS AMAZING 10/10 WOULD RECOMMEND #disneyworld #disneyanimalkingdom #pandoradisney

smol round gays #kanamari #kanamarinyoom

I've been dead from jetlag, but the last 2 days in Japan were amazing! Tokyo Disneyland was like a dream, and Narita Airport had so many cute and fun shops where I was able to do some last minute shopping~~~ (AND SO MUCH GACHAPON HUHUHU♡♡♡) I miss Japan already, the people were so kind and helpful, and were so excited to share their culture with us! There was so much beauty everywhere, in both the cities and the countryside, and there was still so much more that I have yet to see! I definitely want to go back ASAP~☆ Until next time Japan! じゃあね!!! #japanday9 #japanday10

Today was a lowkey and relaxing day~☆ Spent half of the day in Miyajima, then shopped some more all throughout the Hondōri shopping arcade! (RIP my wallet) (Π v Π ) #japanday8

Such a busy and fun day!!!! Took the Shinkansen to Hiroshima, and stopped by Hiroshima Castle and the Hiroshima Peace Memorial, had lots of yummy food, WENT TO THE HIROSHIMA POKEMON CENTER, and did lots of shopping and more purikura in the Hondōri shopping arcade~☆ Definitely going to do more shopping tomorrow ufufufu (๑❛ڡ❛ ) #japanday7

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY 2D WAIFU FOR LAIFU♡♡♡ お誕生日おめでとうございますのんーたん!!!

Had a busy day today!!! Went to Nara early this morning and be-bopped around the deer park and Tōdai-ji Temple! Then we went to visit the Golden Pavilion, shopped around in Kyoto, and ended the day at Fushimi Inari Shrine! #japanday6

I LOVE NARA🦌🦌🦌 #narapark

It was a rainy day today, but we still got to do a bunch of fun things! We explored the old district of Takayama and bought some yummy Sake~☆ Then we drove to Shirakawa-gō and explored there as well! Finally we drove to Kyoto, checked into our hotel, and went to Round 1 for some Karaoke and Purikura!!! #japanday5

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