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~(º▼ º )☆Carly☆( º ▼º)~  ようこそ! Welcome to my instagram page everyone~~! ( •` w'•)/ ♥


Went to the Aqours Happy Party Train Tour Live screening yesterday with two of my best friends and had an absolute blast!!! I'm so glad I got to go with them and that we could scream for all of our girls together♡♡♡ The Live was amazing, Mijuku Dreamer got me bawling like a little baby (as expected) and I screeched so much for Ainya and Suwawa that my voice is totally dead (^O^)/♡ Got some swagg too, mostly free stuff the theater or other Live goers were giving out, but bought myself a rubber HPTT bracelet and an average sized Toblerone BECAUSE I DESERVE THIS AVERAGE SIZED TOBLERONE #lovelivesunshine #happypartytraintour

Put together my KanaMari itabag last night to take with me to the Aqours Happy Party Train Tour live viewing Saturday♡ GOTTA REP MY BEST GIRLS!!! (,,> ᎑ <,,) ♡ #lovelivesunshine #kanamari #itabag

It's been a busy week trying to keep up with this little guy, but he seems to be settling in with us just fine~☆ Welcome to the family Duffy ♡♡♡(*´╰╯` *)♬♡

🐙🐙🐙🐙 #myart #alsomycat

WENT TO THE HELLO KITTY TRUCK TODAY (*´╰╯` *)♬♡ It is something that I've always wanted to do, and now I can cross it off my list! 💖💖💖Thanks to @akitamii @angeldemon58 @tsunderehairflip for coming with me, it was so much more fun having you guys there with me!!!💖💖💖 #hellokittycafetruck #iboughtalittletoomuch #noregretstho

Otakon day 2&3 photodump📸📸📸 Thanks so much to all the tomodachis who made my weekend so amazing, I really don't know what I'd do without you all!! You guys are the absolute best and I am so grateful to have been blessed with such amazing friends 💓💓💓(∩´﹏`∩)💓💓💓 #otakon2017 #willpostlootpicslater

Otakon Day 1 was a blast!!! That Dealer's Room wrecked me tho, it hurts so much 💸💸💸💸 ALSO THANKS FOR COSPLAYING DA SHOTA WITH ME @jdmiao MWA MWA MWA😘😘😘#otakon2017

Another grandpa to add to my hoard of grandpas (,,> ᎑ <,,) ♡ #ihavealotofgrandpas

Spent the whole day in Magic Kingdom with my sis yesterday and had so much fun!!! Thanks @margotcramer for putting up with all my shenanigans, I am so lucky to have such an amazing little sis💖💖💖 #loveyousis

Went to Hollywood Studios with my sis today!!! I had so much fun but got waaaay too much sun, I look like a crab now☀️ 🦀☀️🦀☀️🦀☀️

Went to Disney's Animal Kingdom today♡♡♡ We went really early to go and spend lots of time exploring the new Pandora section~☆ IT IS AMAZING 10/10 WOULD RECOMMEND #disneyworld #disneyanimalkingdom #pandoradisney

smol round gays #kanamari #kanamarinyoom

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