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Carl Weiseth 

Cant wait to fly this line 20 MORE times, and *get in that crack*
Alllllll in due time ;)

Matching roll-for-roll with ultra-homie Reuben Sadowsky (@reub_ontheroad )
Thx for the epic follow-cam dood!
#swingparagliders #speedflying #sobobaflightpark #miragerspro #miragers

Absolutely epic piloting, by my brother Paul Weiseth on the 8m Mirage RS

Tryin to out-roll the follow-cam, with @reub_ontheroad and @stokesbueno

Fun flights (and failed launches) with my brother at Horseshoe Bend Flight Park

New Year's morning flight off Blanchard Mountain in Bellingham, WA.
Never woulda guessed I'd be flying off the old college beer-drinking overlook.
Excited for more pleasant surprises in 2018 ~!~

Sunset Xmas flight off Tiger Mountain outside Seattle

Random driveway in Santa Cruz... Damn

Fly fast, fly low, don’t fuck up!
@stokesbueno @reub_ontheroad

Flying with my brother Paul Weiseth in Chamonix this past winter *Any homies wanting to learn how to Speedride/Speedfly?*
Great opportunity is coming up at the end of August with a solid crew in New Zealand. I went last year -- GAME-CHANGER!

#thirdeyepinecones rain or shine baby!

Best Birthday EVER, with two of my best bro’s @reub_ontheroad and @stokesbueno (the homies who 1st introduced me to paragliding!)
Full day of flying on big wings, small wings, low wind, high wind… Finally culminating in a near-full-moon Speedwing soaring session in NUKING coastal gales.
Love you guys — lets be doing this shit when we’re 80 ;)

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