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sean carlson  Gonna make a day of it.

Had a really nice weekend despite being real sick.

Sometimes it's nice to get away

I can't thank you enough @lindseydreadfuls I'm super impressed and very happy with your work. Once this is all healed I'll set up an appointment for my next idea. Everyone needs to follow Lindsey and @equinoxtattoo for sure! #pnw #tattoo #pocketknife #tribute

Working on all sorts of projects today. #rainydayproject #wood

Love this lil turd! 💩 Happy birthday sis!

Made this a while back. Citrus and amber. Pretty good. 🕯🕯🕯🕯

That side eye!

So thrilled to have been picked. Everyone needs to follow @lindseydreadfuls and @equinoxtattoo if you don't already. Thank you!!

Some people need pills, I choose something with less side effects. #cbdsaves @brotherspdx and @gron.chocolate.pdx you always have something to help me out when I'm in need.props to @collagepdx for always having rad supplies and cool posters. #divisionst #sepdx #seportland

Hey guys.. having a hard time keeping it up? There's a secret going around the internet. All you have to do is follow this tip daily. Ok ready? Take the sharpest kitchen knife you have and dissect your penis. You know you've done it when a stranger in a lab coat can hold up a teaching school quality model for your lover to see. It's that easy. * disclaimer: don't cut your dick.

Beer and cats and beer and cats and beer in cats and beer and cats and 🍺 and 🐱

Building shit and drinking some really great beer. I should just build a kegerator. Cheers @pelicanbrewing #pelicanbrewing #beakbreaker #pnw #1996 #ibu