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"Entrepreneurs can increase their chances of tapping investment capital if they use specific combinations of key signals in their pitches."
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Michael Robinson, '14 MBA, says, for any student, you can’t underutilize the career center. “I am extremely grateful to have access to such a wonderful resource,” he says. “Having gone to another school and met with career services there, I was shocked when I came to the Carlson School and so impressed with the full extent of assistance they gave me.”
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Global identity is a common thread running through a student’s Carlson School experience. Whether through a transformative overseas program, cross-cultural project work, or intercultural awareness, students have the opportunity to expand their global identity in various ways, and they see first-hand how it leads to greater career readiness, employability, and engaged citizenship.
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Several past studies have focused on how "mindfullness at work" programs affect the workplace. New research from Associate Professor Mary Zellmer-Bruhn adds to that body of research by zeroing-in on mindfulness’ impact on business teams.
Given that teams are a corporate staple, it makes sense to explore how to optimize their behavior. In that sense, mindfulness can help. “Positive, productive conflict is essential to high-performing teams,” Zellmer-Bruhn says. “If enough people have an open, present-focused attitude, the team will develop along those lines. But that’s not something you’d want to leave to chance, because you could end with poor performance as a result.”
"Mindfulness seems to offer a safeguard function—it appears to prevent bad things from happening on teams."
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“I always come back to healthcare, because at least for me, that’s where I can provide the most value,” says Laura Johnston, '18 MBA. “There are these systemic problems, and I think in order to have any real improvement, you need to have people who really want to see it improved.”
Johnston brought five years of healthcare experience and an open mind to the Carlson School, and the MILI program reaffirmed her inclination that healthcare was the right path for her.
“Basically, I think my broad goal is pretty simple,” she says. “I’d like to do work that I think is valuable, and I’d like to contribute more than I take over the course of my life.”
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Congrats to Chris Policinski, emeritus member of the Carlson School Board of Overseers, on winning the prestigious International Executive of the Year award! Policinski received the award at the AIB 60th anniversary event, hosted by the Carlson School.

“We have this notion of rainy day blues that goes back for centuries, but there’s been little rigorous study, especially of large populations of professional individuals,” says Assistant Professor Joshua Madsen, who sought to understand how the weather can be impacting our mood, behaviors, and the stock market. “For me, it boils down to understanding that the world is all around us, it affects us, and that we don’t live in an isolated lab,” says Madsen. “We were able to identify at least one friction affecting the activities of these analysts and showed some possible ramifications for the stock market in terms of efficient prices as a consequence of this reduced activity by analysts.”
Madsen says simple awareness of this phenomenon can help the market and individuals operate more efficiently and effectively. He advises us all to be mindful of our own environment and mood, recognizing that it might have an effect on our work.
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We wish everyone a very safe and happy 4th of July!

Most of Work and Organizations Professor and Industrial Relations Faculty Excellence Chair Connie Wanberg’s research centers around unemployment and job search. She has done work on predicting unemployment insurance exhaustion, how unemployment insurance levels affect job search and job quality, and challenges involved in job search.
“One current project I am working on involves the development of an online intervention to help individuals learn how to use networking,” she says. “Compared to individuals in a control group, individuals who participated in the intervention became more confident with networking, got more benefits from networking, and found work faster.”
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“Consumers are very busy. They cannot remember everything,” he says. “So you need to make your message simple, but that means you cannot emphasize too many things.”
Professor Yi Zhu shares research that reveals when a company should highlight the same attribute as a rival, and when they should introduce a new trait to market.
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Annie Young-Scrivner, ’04 CEMBA and Chief Executive Officer of Godiva Chocolatier, Inc. shares her best words of wisdom for people starting their career:
1. DREAM BIG! Set your goals high and work hard towards them.
2. TAKE CALCULATED RISKS. Take on the toughest roles. Take chances on people and push them to fulfill their potential.
3. BE THE ORCHESTRA CONDUCTOR. Understand your own strengths and weaknesses and build a team comprised of the best people who add their own unique value.
4. DON’T BE AFRAID OF FAILURE. If you fail, learn from your mistakes and move on. Pick yourself up and be better the next time.
5. GIVE BACK. Support the communities where you live and work. Give back to the institutions and people who have supported you.
6. LOOK AT YOUR CAREER IN FIVE-YEAR INCREMENTS. Sit down with your leader to outline the skillsets and capabilities that you need to reach your five-year goal.
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Malcolm "Mac" McDonald, '60 BSB, shares why it was important to contribute to and be the namesake for the Malcolm S. and Sonia R. McDonald Business Career Center. “It made an awful lot of sense to give back to something that was a career changer for us. A life changer,” he says. “For my success in my career I had to work hard, but I wouldn’t have had the opportunity if I didn’t go to the University of Minnesota. So that’s how we chose the career center. Every time I walk in the building and see our names up there, it brings up those memories.”
Thinking back to the wooden table and filing cabinets from his day, McDonald wanted something that better reflected the school he knows. “That wasn’t fit for a school as contemporary as the Carlson School,” he says. “I knew we needed a really classy place.”
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