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You arrive with the moon
With a cluster of stars
Created the symbols
That drifts us apart
Then such is night
I hear your refrain
Until you return
And shine on me again
- -


birthday boy brian eno,

goodnight #GlennBranca. true pioneer of sound.. 🥀

#fenderquadreverb@fender never ceases to amaze me with these relics. it’s like hearing your guitar in a cave.

happy mother’s day to the woman that carried me into this world. my never-ending support system, and providing the most motherly advice always. I’ve been so grateful to have her (and my father) here in LA for the past year and never a day goes by that I don’t remind myself what a genuine human being she is. I love you mom for putting up with my lifelong struggles and always believing in me.

words can’t stress the amount of inspiration that has been entering my mind. between the modular exploration, I’ve become reacquainted with these. I’ve been dormant for far too long and I need to express myself musically. slowly piecing together more sound explorations and preparing what feels like a whole new chapter in my life. I’m ready to be dedicated and create sonic architectures that truly express our inmost beings. if anyone wants to contribute their experiences and talent, let’s talk.

crawling around inside this fender amp and blowing fuses, literally. has anyone dealt with constant blown fuses in the primary pot? trying to rebuild this solid state 1x12 100 watt tank as an exterior sound source.

happiest birthday to @officialbunnymen’s #ianmcculloch. have found some much inspiration from every LP and single. truly one of the staples of my record collection..

reworked my humble little home studio/workplace. looking to write and record so much music. both individual and collaborative. setting my aim very high to accomplish so much this year.

recorded a new piece today, gonna drop it in the bandcamp. link in bio
something reflective and also something just from the heart. the #morphagene is such an integral piece of rig and can’t stop discovering how amazing it is.
#eurorack #eurorackmodular #modularsynth #ambient

first piece on the #morphagene by @makenoisemusic
this is what it sounds like on my planet right now.

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