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Carlos Mencia  If you ain't laughin', you ain't livin'!

Life changes us all and yet can you remember when a simple church carnival made you so happy. I do at our Lady of Guadalupe in East LA, good times

La Liga Champions, Hala Madrid!

I found Scooby Doo.

You know you're in a State where Marijuana is legal when they sell rice crispy treats that are this big. And the attendant told us that they sell them it's not a novelty item.

I'm on #newdaynw check me out now!

What I'm looking at can not be described and this picture is not even a pale comparison of what I see let alone how it moves me.

To everyone in Sarasota

Hanging out with Paul Castronovo having fun in the air. Are you ready for this weekend Palm Beach. See ya at the Improv this weekend.

Is anyone else watching the game and if so does Barca pull of another miracle or is this their last Champions League game?

Bad accident on interstate 15 so we're going backwards to get off cuz of fuel spill. Crazy!

Channel 8 in Las Vegas has a very cool green room.

R.I.P. Charlie Murphy

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