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Carlos Mencia  If you ain't laughin', you ain't livin'!

On my way Corpus see you this weekend at Mesquite CC and it's all new material oh yeah baby.

Unless you've been there no way you knew that the fastest internet in the world is in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

A bunch of privileged American children camping out pretending to live like native Americans. Cool, sad or just ironic?

This is what people refer to as the heartland of America. Looks like a lot of corn from up here.

Who would pa $12 and $19 for Ramen? Me bitches and it was delicious and worth it. Yeah baby gourmet ramen. Sounds oxymoronic.

I love cucumber salad. I'll be in great shape eating like this by tomorrow. Shhhhh let me believe that. Btw great Ramen place in New Brunswick

Wanna hear my OJ jokes? Well you're lucky if you are anyway near Stress Factory in New Brunswick starting tonight.

I'll be on WPIX at 8:50 am. Yay im.on tv again.

I'm about to get on this elevator worn 8 people but all of us are American over weight and one is at Leary 350 lbs. WILL I get stuck?

Doing my laundry in Sioux Falls, SD next to two people with both only one front tooth and they are both smiling way more than I am. # perspective #blessed Joe to seer you tonight

Enjoying the view this morning, Roche Harbor. WA.

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