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JC  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight. Youtuber 🎥 🇵🇭 #Benedictours

Cruise destination #8: Ibiza, Spain 💊


Ensaïmada originated from the Spanish island of Mallorca. The original uses lard instead of butter and no cheese on top! It's flaky and airy unlike our sweet and moist version. Best paired with hot chocolate or a glass of cold horchata de chufa 😊. #Benedictours

Cruise destination #7: Palma de Mallorca, Spain 📍

Surprisingly, my favorite among all the Mediterranean destinations. First time in Madre España!

Vlog posts coming soon! 🎥 #Benedictours

Spot the H&M paper bags. #Benedictours

Cruise destination #6: Nice, France

It was raining really hard when we docked here. Rain and 4°C is not a good combination, trust me. We weren't prepared for that kind of weather. As a matter of fact, we brought shorts beacuse we thought we can go swimming because that's what you do in the Mediterranean! We had only a few hours in Nice but we had to shop for damn coats. We went inside the nearest H&M and stayed there for an hour. When we stepped out of the shop, the sun was shining and everyone on the street was taking off their layers. That left us with 5 hrs in Nice. 😂

Vlog posts coming soon! 🎥 #Benedictours

Back in 2015, we planned to meet in Oslo. But that didn't happen so we decided to try again this year in Florence. We almost didn't meet again because they were in a rush to catch their train to Siena and I only had few hours here + no WIFI. So yeah, finally! #Benedictours

Land of the Medicis. Glad to have read The Prince in college and watched Borgias. #Benedictours

Cruise destination #5: Florence, Italy 📍

I used to only see this shot in travel magazines. Who would have thought that I'd get to visit this great city one day. So surreal!

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Trevi Fountain legend:
1st coin: Guarantees return to Rome
2nd coin: Ensures new romance
3rd coin: Leads to marriage

It looks like I'm all by myself in this photo but in reality, I was surrounded with hundreds of tourists doing the same thing 😂. #Benedictours

Like something straight out of a painting. Although I must say, the river smells a bit 😅. #Benedictours

Cruise destination #4: Rome, Italy 📍

The colosseum looked different from the last time I saw it (living proof that Trevi fountain wish works). It's beacuse Tod's paid €25million to restore it. Though it kinda looks like a replica now after the clean up lol. #Benedictours

Vlog posts coming soon! 🎥

Fun fact: The chocolate Maltesers have no connection to Malta. The name came from the words "malt" and "teasers". #Benedictours

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