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Carlo Mondavi  v i n t n e r | p r o p r i e t o r R A E N winery SONOMA COAST🌲C A L I F O R N I A

Another night of world class sites captured in bottles from CALIFORNIA. Plus one Italian Gem. 🍷🍷🍷👌

West Sonoma County Vintners | This western reach has some incredible vineyards and producers. Tasting through and feeling grateful to be apart it!! 🍇🍷🙌☺️#westsonomacoast @westsonomacoast

California | 🙌 | some wonderful classically made wines. The future is bright!

RAEN annual Pinot Noir release is now live...Yeeee! | Link in my BIO | We are incredibly grateful to be releasing our 5th vintage of RAEN today! It has been an incredible journey and each vintage reflects the culmination of Mother-Nature and all the small choices that we make as farmers and winemakers. We absolutley believe that great wine is grown and that our final wine is a reflection of our reactions and all the small decisions we make leading up to the final bottle. 2017 was epic for us on the extreme Sonoma Coast. Intense winter rains took us out of a 4-year drought, followed by a beautiful cool growing season, then profound heat waves that arrived in mid-August, offered a challenge that our wines benefited greatly from. With good phenological ripeness, this event concentrated all elements, especially flavor and acidity, while still at relatively low sugar brix. We picked at this moment and have been grateful ever since! The timing of this decision gave way to our most powerful bottling to date.
In the cellar, all RAEN wines are natively fermented. We are a whole cluster house with all lots being close to 100% whole bunches (an ancient method that we honor). After fermentation, all lots were aged in neutral French oak and bottled un-finned and unfiltered to retain purity. As always these are tiny production lots and we hope you  have the chance to enjoy at some point

From our RAEN family to yours, we are wishing you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving and wonderful Holidays to come... May they be filled with great food, great wine, and great times with your loved ones!

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One of the highlights of my 2018 harvest was being able to depart our RAEN cellar as it slowed after an incredible growing season and vintage (Pinot Noir is earlier to wakeup and as a result earlier to be harvested) on the Sonoma Coast to fly and join my girlfriend, her sister Serena and their crew at Agricola Brandini in Barolo for the final days of harvest (Nebbiolo later to wake and later be harvested). Both Pinot Noir and Nebbiolo are simply incredible wines and when treated gently, can truly transport the sense of site into the glass better than any wine variety I know. I look forward to the lifetime of wines these two make. 🍷🖤🙌 photo: @stefano_cencio_photography

The stories bottles tell are pretty amazing. For my family this bottle has some personal history marking the end of an era and beginning of another. This was the last vintage my grandfather and his brother made together. Its never easy, but to reflect back and think that the tensions were mounting between my grandfather and his brother who both simply wanted to be successful but had different visions on getting there. My grandfather wanted to focus on quality and felt we could make wines that could sit in the company of the great wines of the world, which required a sizable investment. My great uncle on the other hand wanted to stay the course. This fissure between them led to my grandfather being asked to leave in 1965. So this was the last vintage they really made together. My grandfather was 53 and Peter 51. Many years later what this wine teaches is that first, site is king in wine and they had a good site as the wine itself was still fresh, relevant and lovely. The second lesson is to follow your dreams and to be kind as life is short. Sadly this division was a pretty big one and took far too long to get over but they did get over it eventually and as fate has it they both were successful. The third lesson it teaches is when you fall down get back up. Never let a hard time change or alter your dreams. Learn from it, adjust and keep on. The fourth lesson is if we do well, find a great site and make good wine it can out live ourselves and then some... Who knew how good it would be.

RAEN | Mel and I climbed barrels today pulling samples of the 2018 🙌lots. Some years it’s take until Spring to get a clear glance at the vintage as the wines are buried under the haze of slow fermenting juices... This year we had healthy, happy, natural ferments and are already starting to see some of the light shinning through as all lots albeit two are through primary and malolactic fermentation. Looking forward to tasting! 👻

Reading through the old BERNS wine list is more like reading an educational book about the world of fine wine. This section talked about our dedication to pinot noir and the exploration we were doing back in the day. The Burgundy section is both informative and incredible. Needless to say what Berns did to educate those who dinned at his restaurant was and remains unparalleled. The legacy continues... but sadly you can’t find DRC, Leroy or the old burgs or the old California wines for those prices in this book... 1966 DRC RC for $80 #bernssteakhouse 🍷🙌🇺🇸

What an incredible celebration and visit to Vienna! 🖤🙌

TAMPA Florida | BERNS | 2 seats just became free for our RAEN | MEMENTO MORI wine dinner at BERNS tomorrow night | Looking very forward to being in this beautiful dining room with one of the worlds best wine lists, wine teams and can’t wait for the wines, food and to open that list and dive in! If you are in the area we have two seats that just became available. #bernssteakhouse

Ohio | 🍷🍷🍷🙌

G. RINALDI | Incredible visit with Marta and Carlotta Rinaldi today. These are two of the most talented winegrowers anywhere. Without question there hardest harvest but the light shines ever brightly on their vineyards, cellar and family. Felt fortunate to taste and be there for the morning work with @drinkdujac and the Rinaldi sisters. The fermenting 2018s were showing incredibly 🙌. Thank you @carlotta_rinaldi 🍷❤️🙏🏼