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Carlo Mondavi  R A E N winery v i n t n e r | p r o p r i e t o r SONOMA COAST🌲C A L I F O R N I A

capturing winter, spring and summers rains in our wines.
No alterations just time and a path that involves cleanliness to allow the dirt, flowers, earth and sun of nature to shine. Bodega upper is now being pressed and smells incredible. All organically farmed and perhaps our best wine yet. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼Thank you Mother Nature. ❤️

RAEN Vineyard | Misting Cool Morning | started picking at 1am and just wrapping up. 😍😍😍

The RAEN winemaking team AM meeting | first firm is kicking after 8 days of finding its bearings and is now properly ripping. 🙌😎 the aromas are quite intoxicating (in the best of ways!). Mother Nature has been so good to us this year. Never can thank her enough for a good vintage ❤️🙏🏼#raentowine

Even more than the chemistry (which of course is important) is the flavors of this fruit when we made the pick call... with that said the basic science gives us the ability to have both confidence in the next unknown steps as the native yeasties on the skins compete to take this fruit from juice to wine as well an overall sense of how we did as farmers. Feeling good at the moment... now Mother Nature’s Alchemy is about to happen as the Spring rains becomes wine. RAENtoWINE

RAEN winery | harvest day ☝️ | I call this the magic Swan - Clone | The history of this beautiful pinot noir bunch is shrouded in mystery and hard to point with certainty where the clone originated. One reason might be because of its link to one of the worlds most historical vineyards in Burgundy, DRCs' Romanée-Conti.  Without having this confirmed, nor denied what I did dig up is that the final selection of this clone was made by two legendary winemakers, André Tchelistcheff (my grandfathers pal) and Joseph Swan back in 1969. Who brought the original wood over and under what terms is still not certain.
Almost as mysterious as how I pulled this cluster from the tank with my mind (of course no one was looking). In observation and upon tasting, what we have are small, dark, tightly bunched berries with incredible flavors, beautiful tannin structure, balanced acidity and promise. Needless to say our 2018 harvest has officially kicked off for our small cellar at RAEN and we think it’s pretty foxing swanky. #raentowine #swanclone 🙌😜

Our first day of Harvest begins tomorrow. The last kiss of sun is upon them... tomorrow a new journey begins. 🙌

RAEN | Pre-Harvest Chardonnay Pick Up Party this Saturday at CIA COPIA 4-6pm | come on down to taste our Charles Ranch Chardonnay (first time pouring this bottling) along with our Pinot Noirs. We will have some bites being passed via the CIA culinary team and the ability to pick up your wines. Side note please RSVP (update SOLD OUT please join up for our future events) as we have a limited number of tickets. 🙌🍷😜 let the festivities harvest begin!

Welcome to my paradise. Where the ocean air blows cool and the days are slow enough to capture all that Mother Nature has to offer. Our first pick of the year is set for our warmest block this Monday... a few more days to evolve as we emerge from the cloudy, cool, misting weather that caused our Brix to drop (first time I have seen that). This year is not going to lac flavor intensity or acidity... these swan clusters are sitting around 21.6 Brix, dark flavorful lil Pinot bunches. Enjoying the calm before the storm. #paradice 🌧☀️🌱🍇🍷 with a little help from our friends... 😎

Wild Blue Chicory Flowers adding some wonderful flora and natural biodiversity to our vineyards. Our first pick is imminent | The feeling of harvest is here 🙌🍷

Grateful to be featured on the cover of Napa Sonoma Magazine with my brother | Big thank you for the 🍷❤️ —- *As a small side note we wanted to clarify a few things. The first is that my brother and I do not own any portion of Charles Krug Winery and Charles Krug does not own any portion of RAEN winery. There is a family friendship that exists in our families now and we all admit our family history can be confusing. This article does confuse this a bit so just wanted to kindly clarify this . Always Positive!

Enjoying some wines Martin Saunier imported to the states at lunch with her, Gio and friends... wild to think that not too long ago these wines were unknown, hard to sell, fairly affordable and now they are very much the opposite. #preharvestgame

Just dropped her off at the airport... our summer days are shifting to fall harvest as she returns to Barolo 🇮🇹 for her harvest and the tireless nights and long days that are about to begin on the coast for ours. Was selfishly hoping for some RAEN Brandini harvest overlap like last year gave us but alas Mother Natures cool summer on the coast has spoken... happy travels, happy harvest and see you soon! ti amo ❤️

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