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Carlo Mondavi  R A E N winery v i n t n e r | p r o p r i e t o r SONOMA COAST🌲C A L I F O R N I A working with my family at C O N T I N U U M - E S T A T E

I normally don’t post scores so this is a first. I’m just really proud of my father and all he has accomplished from the early vintages of Robert Mondavi and Opus to having to refigure things out in 2004 and start again in 2005. It’s awesome to see his wines being recognized at the highest level. For all the years this is the first 100 point score he has received and I know it means a great deal to him as he has poured his everything into wine. Big love for the recognition @james.suckling 🙌🍷

Come join us all this Friday night after the Chain-Smokers and Bottle Rock concert at CADET. This wild crew above will be hosting! Cadet will be pouring SONS & RAEN, passing out and enjoying delicious food from Otiums Chef Tim Holignsworth. He will be serving slowly smoked pastrami spiced brisket with pickles and white bread hot from his Traeger Grills. The fun starts at 9pm – onward at CADET downtown Napa. Looking forward to seeing you all there. @Traegergrills #Traegergrills | @sonsbeer | @raenwiney |@cadet_wineandbeer | @skylargrey | @joekwon80 | @otiumla | @cheftimhollingsworth | @elliott__taylor | @dantemondavi | @carlomondavi #hewdyhew

Nice little drive between our RAEN Bodega-Vineyard and the ocean | 🙌

Our RAEN wine aging arsenal. These barrels all play an important role in the evolution of our wines. The smaller the barrel the faster the wines evolve and advance and a more intense impact a new barrel can play on the wine vs the larger thicker staved barrels giving a slower oxygen uptake and gentler impact. Here we have 600L, 500L and 228L vessels. We have been introducing a few new barrels to our wines each year to enable our barrel program to be self sustaining meanwhile giving a very low impact on our wines. Today we are racking, cleaning and blending. 🙌🍷

For those who are searching for an excellent herbicide check out red clover. Red Crimson Clover is not only great for weed suppression but they are also good soil conditioners and builders. They attract beneficial insects, help with erosion control and are good nitrogen fixers to name a few benefits. By offering such a strong bio mass once established they will overtake the weeds and make under-vine weed managment easier. They also are short lived perennials so come harvest they will most likely have already become one with the land and are fairly low to the ground so rarely can reach the fruit zone. With the proper site they can be a great economical option vs glyphosate or roundup (not to mention better for your farm, wine, vines and over all health). If these flowers are not suitable for your site there are many other flowers, grasses and options out there. These are just one of the many flowers we like at RAEN. Another cool foggy morning on the coast. #makingraen

It’s awesome to think that spring rains fell on this field, filtered through the rocks, the vine roots drank the rain water pulling it back up then post cutting it became a fountain of life for this lady bug. The circle of life has no beginning and no end... at least in nature it seems that way. I could watch this guy all day. #deepthoughts #spring

Happy Birthday to my brother Dante 🙌 | Looking forward to another year making RAEN, memories and good times with you!

Beautiful cold, foggy morning out on the Sonoma Coast today. Right now our native cover crop has a bunch of these coastal yellow brush lupines. These lupines are effective nitrogen fixers, improve soil aeration, soil nutrients, prevent erosion and help increase our over all organic soil matter. They bring in all sorts of pollinators and beneficial insects that ward off the pests making our job more enjoyable and easier. Needless to say they are not just beautiful but also an important element to what will eventually become our 2018 RAEN wine. 🌱🌼🌻🍷🙌#raentowine #pinotnoir

Catching up with great friends in Barolo 🙌 | this wine in my hand was a stunner from start to finish. Ownrooted which is rare in clay based soils especially with older vines due to phylloxera and certainly does not always translate to elegance like this. All wines were lovely 😜🍷

Spring in Italy ⛰🙌❤️

what a night of local wines, food, cheese and honey... from where the meadow, meets the mountains ⛰ 🍷🙌

Happy Earth Day | butterfly’s, bees, bears, wolves, and humans. Whales, sharks, reefs and forests. Rain, snow, sun, lightning and everything in between. We are ever connected. Let’s tread lightly and be kind to this beautiful planet. 🙏🏼🌏 #worldearthday

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