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Carl Lentz  "..things that make you smile..what numbers to dial.."

Special announcement: @lauralentz is a spectacular woman. She is leading our SISTERHOOD tonight at the hammerstien at 7:30...these nights amaze me because we barely promote them, sometimes the dates and locations move yet each time, thousands and thousands of our @hillsongnyc women commit to being a part of something so special. There is nothing like it in our city and its open to all! Our sisterhood movement reflects my wife in so many ways. It’s powerful, its graceful, it’s anointed. Just like the love of my life! There is no snow in the forecast ladies, so barring an apocalypse or rapture, I’ll see you there! @lauralentz I love you, im proud to learn from you and watch you lead like you do... #callmelaterthough #occupyallstreets

THERE IS MORE... @brianchouston just released this book and I know it’s going to help a lot of people. This photo is an accurate illustration of what the book is about and what our lives can be about is. “More”...more room to talk, more conversation to be had, more bridges to be built, more walls to tear down. More ways to be a blessing to other people. More opportunities to talk about Jesus. God is able to do this! In us and through us... perhaps It shouldn’t be rare to see @cthagod @6ix9ine_ @angelayee @djenvy in the same photo. Because why wouldn’t people from different walks of life, different views, different stories, be able to share the same space? I love it. We need to see more of it. This book is available everywhere, I hope you get it and maybe go interact with somebody you normally wouldn’t! I think this book will help you step up and step out. Once you step “out of your lane” you will wonder why you ever believed ppl who said you “had a lane” in the first place.. you keep your lane if you like, but we are claiming the whole highway. #occupyallstreets #thereismore shout out to my brother Charlamagne for opening the “book trapping” lane to all...thank you @brianchouston for living what you preach and recording it in a book like this...

Sunday @hillsongnyc! Gonna be awesome.. Manhattan, New Jersey, BOSTON..over the next few weeks, talkin bout “Gods plan”.. see you at CHUURCH!! #welcomehome PS.. last 3 seconds of this video is my fav..

FAMILY MATTERS... FRIDAY REFLECTION: I get asked some variation of this question, frequently. How do we balance family, church, marriage, life? It’s a good and fair question. I think the word I tend to highlight and challenge in that question, is “balance”. Balance is a great idea, a great theory, some solid truth in it, in many ways. Where you won’t find the word balance though, is in Matthew 6:33. “Seek first” is a life defining principal that always reminds me that if I say something is important? You will be able to see it in my choices. I don’t balance anything in my life. I can’t. Everything gets less than my best, when I do. But if I choose wisely, in the correct order of importance, a natural rhythm develops and things stay healthy. If you are having trouble balancing all the things in your life, you may wanna take a look at choosing what matters. If I can’t “find the time” for prayer, relationships, my family, I’m busy looking for the wrong things. So I chose them! And it tends to make me more effective in the areas i used to try to balance anyway, doesn’t become detrimental to them. I know this: Laura and I don’t want our kids to say about us someday “my parents balanced me and their busy lives really well.” Our goal is to hear “my parents chose me first, all the time.” and hopefully, we will even have some photos to show for it! Praying for all the parents reading this tonight, IT. AINT. EASY! But fighting for the best, is worth it..take some moments, to make some moments. They add up! . #occupyallstreets #seekfirst #ichoosemy4

HEART AND SOUL NIGHT @hillsongnyc WEDNESDAY NIGHT 7:30 HAMMERSTEIN BALLROOM.. makes me feel like this epic video featuring @cmo66 and a little powerhouse vocalist makes me feel! Our church makes me smile. The wins, the losses, the lessons and the joy.. we are a constant work in progress and that’s the way it should be..Heart and soul nights are special, I’m preachin’, it’s about family/community and it’s gonna be fun! Make plans, grab some THIN MINTS, see you there!! #occupyallstreets #HEARTANDSOUL #7YEARSCHURCHINTHEWILD #uwillwatchthatvideoatleast5times

I’m grateful for and inspired by the life of Billy Graham. Pictured here w/ the legend J CASH..had Billy been on instagram at this time, I wonder what people would have said about him? What is for certain, is that he would not have cared WHATSOEVER..everything I have read and heard about this man, this one thing is clear: he was under ORDERS. From God, and God alone... whether people loved him or protested against him (which actually happened believe it or not) he never changed his course and ran his race with humility and class.. Jesus always got the glory, and the fruit of his life speaks volumes. Somebody asked me how I would describe this mans legacy... I said “brave”...and I’m thankful that I got to see a man like this, blaze a trail we cannot miss... #occupyallstreets

Back on the IG HUSTLE! It’s been a good little break.. when you step back from something, you tend to realize what kind of perspective it can create... If unregulated, a steady diet of social media for instance will feed you: negative news, filtered photos, mega self promotional thirst alerts(and that’s just the preachers!), troll droppings and sometimes even anxiety...about things that may not even be real! It’s a good reminder that things like social media are extremely useful and effective in their proper place.. we should share our wins! We should promote our passion(get #ownthemoment it’s really good!!).. We can even share our pain.. but order, is everything...our resolution has been to “read the BIBLE more than the feed” look at faces more than pictures of faces, and record more memories with our actual eyes than through our virtual ones.. and whatever is left over? We’ll find a place for it.. Like this photo of Romey and I... Reminds me that you can’t “slow down” when you have little eyes like that, looking up.. LOVE TO ALL! PEACE AND GOODNIGHT..

The roots of racism run deep in our country and in our world. I have a chapter in my book called “if your racist and you know it, clap your hands” that has resonated with a lot of people. It’s essentially a challenge to look in the mirror FIRST. “Could I be” is a phrase that is a bridge, to change..:”could I be blind to this?” Like any sinful behavior, we typically like to distance ourselves from it and imagine that it’s “somebody else” who has that issue or worse, pretend like it doesn’t exist. In us, or around us. But if we expect to see change in our world, especially in areas like racial injustice, we have to reserve the hardest questions for ourselves. It begins with the words of the psalmist so many years ago who said “search MY heart God..” Humility shortens the distance between YOU and anybody you want to change or impact. So when I see news coming out of Libya, Im outraged. We all should be, and it has to be way more than a “hashtag or social media post”.. But I think the first place we need to start demanding change, is always “with us.” We are actively part of the solution or we are complicit in our inactivity and part of the problem. I hold out hope that as we follow Jesus, God will use us to change the future, not repeat history. Before I pray tonight that God changes the bad things in this world? Im going to pray He continues to change the bad things “in me.” #otm #occupyallstreets #tiffanyandamber oh and P.S.. OWN THE MOMENT EBOOK is available for a moment, at an awesomely reduced cost. Take advantage if you haven’t yet! #ownthediscount also: love to @jerrylorenzo always..

#ownthemoment … In this book, I talk a lot about relationships because I get asked about them more than anything else. People often ask “how to balance life, ministry, kids, marriage.” I always say that there is no balance, just priorities. this photo is funny, because it reflects how @lauralentz and I feel about our relationship. Roman, is absolutely in this picture! But he’s smashed in between us, as we lead him. Too often we see the reverse of this: children leading the parents! Many make the mistake of “putting their kids first”. Marriage/joy/romance in general, becomes secondary. A healthy marriage is always the casualty. The absolute best thing I can ever do for my children? Is to love Laura. If we are good, they can feel it. It affects the spirt and tone of our whole house and impacts our kids in ways we can’t always see. So we have learned over our brief 14 years of marriage, to own the little moments. Hold hands, cancel other plans, look at each other and just smile sometimes. The bigger the argument is, the more thoughtful the apology needs to be. We even remind our kids from time to time that we didn’t join THIER lives, they joined ours! It’s a challenge without a doubt, but one that is worth fighting for. #ownthemoment #lauralentzforlife

#757 ... "home is where mom is." Said by Roman Lentz, dad concurs.. see you soon @cathylentz! Excited to be in Virginia Beach for a few hours.. thanks @shaggy757 for taking time to hang out! #ownthemoment #barnesandnobles #towncenter

Solid caption alert!! You cannot be a leader and also desire to be "liked by all." Fear of man, public opinion, what "they" think.. all things detrimental to doing what you are called to do! In fact, there are some people that you DONT want to agree with you..Their DISAGREEMENT is actually your CONFIRMATION! "They” didn’t understand Jesus and if you follow him? Gotta live with people not understanding you either! I tell a story in this book about a homeless veteran that we invited to church who wouldn't come in because he didn’t feel properly dressed and couldn’t be without his beer. We bought him a beer, and told him he was welcome to sit in church just as he was. It was a really special night for him, and for me! I’ll never forget it. For most people, this was a quick “of course, amazing, what a story” reaction. For some? “You can’t allow beer in church.” “How disrespectful to God’s house.” “You are a sell out.” “Bet you never told him DRUNKENNESS IS SIN.” I was excited about all the reactions. On one hand, we got to encourage and love a man that desperately needed it. On the other hand, we got to rattle the cages of people trapped in a religious mindset and offer them a new and healthy perspective! When you start making decisions because of what God says, rather than what “they” say? Freedom follows. “They” can be friends, past relationships, people claiming to be Christians… find “they” and defy “they” and don’t look back. “They” eventually won’t be able to keep up with you, because directions to the high road will be too complicated for them to follow. Life is too short, to live in fear of what somebody else might say about you! Shout out to all those standing up, standing out and never settling down. Do you! And do so with grace and a smile. Keep giving “them” something to talk about. #ownthemoment #occupyallstreets #watchthisspace #fearofgodalways #fearofmannever #wearewinning

Happy Veterans Day! I'm thankful for so many, who do so much for this country. My family has a history of heroism.. my grandfather and namesake, Carl Roemer was wounded in battle fighting in the "Asian theater" WW2. This photo may be the most epic one I've seen of him. My great grandfather Don Duncan Blyth fought in WW1. And my great uncle know as "Mugs" died a hero at 19 flying a B-17 on his very first mission in WW2. Always makes me think about how much we have to be thankful for...Veterans Day currently reminds us that even in an age where it's almost common and "brave" to be as divisive and opinionated as we possibly can, we can all agree on this: our veterans deserve honor and thanks. Those that have passed away and those we still have time to thank, now. For that reason alone, it's a great day to be an American.. thank you to all who have served or are currently doing so! #occupyallstreets #ownthemoment #veteransday

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