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Hip hop as a culture, has impacted all of us. Iconic songs, trend setting style and as of now, claims 25percent of the entire music market! A lot of great things have grown out of this part of our culture. It is also guilty of producing perhaps THE WORST RELATIONAL ADVICE OF ALL TIME. The examples are endless, but let’s choose "no new friends”, just for fun. It sounds cool to say but it’s stupid and destructive to live. What a small, miserable life we would all have, if “no new friends” were our motto. Having friends you have known your whole life is great! If those friends remain great people. Often, that’s just not going to be the case. In fact, keeping the wrong people around “because they have been down since day one” is a great way to remain exactly who you have been since day one! No thanks. If youre getting better? Your relationships should be to..The principals of real friendship are timeless. People and their influence in your life, will often be seasonal. Don’t get the two confused! Honor the relationships you had in the past. Cultivate and invest in the ones you have right now. Intentionally prepare and look out for the best relationships that have yet to come! “Some new friends.” Might not sing as well, but it lives much stronger… When you take inventory of friendships, Janet had it right. “What have you done for me lately..” Its a fair question to consider… #realfriendsfriday love to @chadveach @juliaveach @tysonchandler @kimberlychandler .. all “new friends” at one point! That became family we can’t imagine life without.. We love ya’ll! #occupyallstreets #oldstreets #newstreets #greatlife #chadtoldmetocancelmytoursoidid

It's a blessing to have great friends...and it's a blessing to celebrate them when they do great things! this is a photo of @judahsmith preaching and me randomly standing up because that's typically my only response to his brilliant communication of the greatest news of all time: the gospel.. in related good news? We are both excited about @chrisdurso new book, released today, called "THE HEIST"... if you want to find out more about Gods grace, what it means, what it doesn't mean, why it matters.. this is for you. I know it will be a blessing in your life.. CHRIS DURSO: love you! A real one.. real friend, real NYC, real deal. #flyhigh ... #occupyallstreets
PS: if you have friends? Stand up for them.. always... no matter what. #occupyallstreets

Sometimes a photo can encourage you. This one, does that for me..reminds me that we are gonna win. Somehow. Despite the pain in the fight. I see my country like this photo..Different races? The same spaces. Laughing, crying, walking together. Same rights under our laws, to be protected. To LIVE. Without fear. I'm not interested in conversations about "peace" tonight. Or "equality". Or “unity”. I’m interested in conversations about Justice. That's about the only thing that should be black and white right now in our culture. But its not. Not even close. To say otherwise is an indictment on logic and rationale itself. You don’t have to “pick a side” to acknowledge the pain or fear of another. But you can and absolutely do perpetuate it, when you ignore it. Dismiss it. Change is coming and we can absolutely see it in our lifetime. That is my prayer… we are gonna have church tomm @hillsongnyc and I know it will be special, like it is every single time we get together. I'm preaching at the 10 and 1230 at the Beacon Theatre in Manhattan. Traffic willing, NEW JERSEY at the wellmont theatre, 9 and 11. And at night? HILLSONG UNITED WONDER ALBUM LAUNCH. 5 and 8, get a ticket, be a part of it, it matters. Movements matter. Especially now. Especially ones that lift up literally the only name that bring any change. Jesus. That’s all Hillsong United has ever done. Love you CHURCH! See you soon.. please don’t forget: Philando Castile’s life MATTERED. The life of his 4 year old daughter that goes to sleep now, without her daddy? Her life MATTERS. Maybe she can see a brighter day, someday. I will not give up on that hope..One thing is for sure: All of this, should matter to all of us. #occupyallstreets #loveyouchrisandamanda

I break this instagram HIATUS to bring you #REALFRIENDFRIDAY ...real friends are so rare, that I think people are missing out, simply cause they don't know what it looks like. So I'm dedicating Fridays on Insta, to talk about "real friends." Real friends can pass this test:
-can you LEARN from them?
You become like who you hang around. So find smart people, and force them to be your friend..
-can you LAUGH with them?
If you are not laughing, you are losing. Find people who can laugh at you, and themselves, in equal parts, often..
-can you LEAN ON THEM?
Sometimes you don't need advice. You don't need to laugh. You just "need to be." Find people who are cool, to be an armrest once in awhile...
This post is dedicated to @chadveach .. in this photo he is "shouting me down" while I preach something I was apparently, passionate about! Thing is, it wouldn't matter WHAT I was saying. Chad would stand up for me, with me, regardless. Because that's what real friends do.
Life is way to short, to do it by yourself. Real friends can be found! And when you find them? Keep them. If you have one, tag Em and let them know you love them! #occupyallstreets #chadiloveyou
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This post goes out to anybody feeling discouraged.. you're gonna make it! Don't forget "where to go and who to call"..sometimes, you gotta sing even when you have gotta worship even if you mix up a few words! This name my son is singing about, still brings peace when you can't find it anywhere keep on, keepin' on! You're doing better than you think you are! #facts #occupyallstreets also.. shout out to @brookeligertwood .. Roman has loved you, for a LONG TIME.. haha.. duet in the future!

Today!! Is the day I get to thank God for allowing me the honor of being married to @lauralentz for 14 YEARS! She is the best part of my life...our lives have changed a lot..But this smile, captured 15 years ago, has never I reflect? 4 things about marriage after 14 years of trial, error, wins, losses and A LOT of adventure..
1.)marriage is simple. But simple doesn't mean easy.. simply love, respect and honor how you want to be loved, respected and honored..can't live by the "silver rule" and expect gold in return!
2.)marriage is a choice. If you are still under the illusion that love is a feeling, feel this: it's not! It's a choice. Nobody "falls out of love." They choose to stop loving. Nobody falls out of a marriage. They choose to stay in it. Your wedding day vows are actually just daily choices disguised with overpriced cake and a DJ...a wedding is one day. Marriage is every day!
3.)marriage is war! Not against your spouse, but against your selfish nature. Every day THAT dies a little, is a day our marriage LIVES, a little more..
4.)marriage is "HOT".. should you choose to feed that fire! If a fire is losing heat, all you have to do is throw some new things on it, and it will burn again.. this particular fire? Has to be guarded, has to be cultivated and needs constant attention.. my wife needs warmth. I want to eliminate the need for her to have to visit any other fires, ever, by making sure "it's hot at home.." I'll leave that right there..
Lausie JAYNE? Thanks for being the easiest, most gracious person on earth, to be married too... you love Jesus more than me. Thank you for that. I can't pursue you, without pursuing Him...I love you, and I'm just getting to know you..I don't deserve you, but I sure am glad I get to do this life with you..Love you, girl... #callme #getatme #deangelo #forevermylady #cincodeLAURA #14

A sad day in NYC as a friend to many, @gregmarius1 passed away. He helped so many in the inner city, chose life over death for a very long time.. using basketball as a bridge..came to @hillsongnyc for as long as I can remember and allowed us to be the first and only church ever, to have a team in the iconic Harlem @ebcruckerpark "THE RUCKER"...the birth of the Hillsong Hustlers..that summer we put out a team w/ an all NBA starting 5, including KD, Kent BAZE, D LEE, JAY WILL, SCOTTY MACHADO, C. Smith..Greg told me "I'm glad it was our church that put the best team out there tonight.. that's how it should be.." I will miss Greg, and I'm reminded AGAIN to withhold no kind words, release all grudges and hug whenever possible.. this life vanishes too quickly.. #occupyallstreets love to @hannibal_ebc for introducing me long ago to this man.. love you.

My friend @cthagod has released his book "BLACK PRIVILEGE: OPPORTUNITIES COME TO THOSE WHO CREATE IT".. available now!! I'm inspired by his passion to speak OUT, when cultural pressure is causing many people to hold things IN..the added bonus of his genius title, is that my son asked what black privilege is...which opened up a conversation about what WHITE privilege is. These are conversations that need to happen! I am a believer that conversation is a leading conduit for CHANGE.. in all things! Thanks for stirring it up, CHARLAMAGNE..disclaimer: this book has "colorful language"...but in this black and white world? A little color never hurt anybody... #occupyallstreets #churchinthewild #readmore ALSO.. I only know two people from MONKS CORNER SOUTH CAROLINA... @cthagod and @stevenfurtick ... that place produces some serious legends! Somebody bottle the water... #sunstandstill #unqualified

EASTER!! A truly special day..When you find out what Jesus did, and who He did it FOR? The only reasonable response is to try to do everything you can, to help others see who He is.. Easter disclaimer: don't ask God to use you "as a bridge" if you are gonna complain that people walk all over you.. that, is the whole idea! The "message" is more important than the position, of the "messengers.." #aproblemcalledEASTER ... you are invited!! Sunday @hillsongnyc....
MANHATTAN: Hammerstein Ballroom 9/11/1/4/6/8.. NEW JERSEY: Wellmont theatre 9/11am... HILLSONG BOSTON: NEXT EASTER.. HILLSONG CONNECTICUT: NEXT EASTER ...
HILLSONGNYC BROOKLYN: NEXT EASTER... #occupyallstreets #churchinthewild #welcomehome #easterbunnyisstillcoolwithme

Im excited about this!!! TONIGHT on @owntv 10pm...@realjohngray & @grayceeme premier their new show, #TheBookofJohnGray... CHECK IT OUT! Before you know it, shows like this, that are full of amazing content, funny, positive and potentially life changing .. will be normal! But as it stands now, it's a rare and much needed intervention in the toxic world of television and culture... I love this couple, I'm proud of their bold stand about who Jesus is and I hope you check it out!! TONIGHT... #iwouldsayhesmytwinbuteverybodystolemyjoke #ebonyandivoryoriginals #johnisagiantskittle #occupyallstreets #especiallyhollywood #churchinthewild

One of the best ways to check the health of your soul, is to make sure the right things can still make you smile. Immediately! Our world is full of pain right now, but I'm thankful for Jesus.. we get to hold on to His promises, in the middle of it all... If you have never heard the gospel, if you struggle to smile in a season of pain, I'll see you @hillsongnyc .. your invited! We have 9 million services across this Easter weekend starting the words of my guy @kirkfranklin "some might ask the question, why do we sing.." I would love to give you that answer... see you soon!! #occupyallstreets #aproblemcalledeaster @becauseofthem thanks for this epic picture of JOY... shout out to @common for always being uncommon.. #churchinthewild #sameasiteverwas #watchthistentimesinarow

LOVE these two legends...and speaking of love...A wise man named Paul once said..."Love never gives up. Love cares more for others than for self. Love doesn’t want what it doesn’t have. Love doesn’t strut, doesn’t have a swelled head, doesn’t force itself on others,
isn’t always “me first,” doesn’t fly off the handle, doesn’t keep score of the sins of others, doesn’t revel when others grovel, takes pleasure in the flowering of truth, puts up with anything, trusts God always, always looks for the best, never looks back, but keeps going to the end. Love never dies." If somebody says they "love you" but you don't SEE THESE THINGS? Gaurd your heart! If you have experienced love like this? Best thing you can ever do, is share it w/ as many people as you can... another wise man named Christopher Wallace said "spread love, it's the Brooklyn way.." May it be OUR way, day by day.. #occupyallstreets #aviatorsmountup #longerthetrafficlongerthecaption

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