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Carl Lentz  "..things that make you smile..what numbers to dial.."

HEART AND SOUL tonight @hillsongnyc... I love these nights! Our vision Sunday was so epic and truly re-invigorated my soul to lift my level of faith for what is to come..this grainy video is the main reason! My little man and many like him get to grow up knowing that no matter what this life throws at us, the local church WINS.. always. Because Jesus builds it..Generation after generation.. tonight we will update our church on "all the happenings".... Jersey/Manhattan/Connecticut/Boston/Brooklyn and LONG ISLAND.. but really? It's the same story, just new chapters.. #occupyallstreets always! See you tonight! Shoutout to all the ADHD dad/son combos out there...Salvation Army CMT
120 W 14th st (btw 6th & 7th)
5:30pm & 7pm... all invited!!

I count raising daughters as one of the highest honors in life..watching them learn about identity, worth, kindness and security is an amazing adventure..Thanks uncle @joetermini for always encouraging them to hop in pickup trucks and let the wind blow! May the adventure continue... #occupyallstreets

We can have opinions about who we vote for. We can have opinions about policies and law making procedures. We cannot, however, have opinions about who we love... #occupyallstreets

He is well on his way to be IMPOSING and a DOMINANT FORCE.... right now we will settle for him being the cutest thing on two feet.. we can't find tights for him that are actually tight, but he insists on them.. I said son, you ready for practice? He said "I guess dad. But I pretty much know everything, and I'm really good now..." if you don't believe in what you can do? Nobody else will either... believe right, think right, live right.... #romanlessons #occupyallstreets #futureWHITEFLIGHT #PLEASEBELIEVE

NEW YEAR KICK OFF @hillsongnyc TONIGHT! 6/8pm at Hammerstein BALLROOM on 34th... it will be a special night as we close out this year together as a church family! The new year often represents a time where people want to change things! And that's good.. one thing I won't be changing: how much I love and lean on my friends! Somebody told me once "show me your 5 best friends, I'll show you where you will be in 5 years.." I believe that to be true! This guy on the right @realjohngray is a blessing to my life and I'm honored to have him speak tonight to our church! This photo is now "old", but that's what makes it special.. I enjoy looking back and seeing the same faithful people who have stayed on the journey faithfully...He is a powerhouse preacher and human being... church on Friday night has a really cool ring to it! We just may try this more in the future.... who knows! No Sunday services in manhattan this weekend, one HUGE service in JERSEY at 11am SUNDAY AM at the wellmont!! SEE YOU TONIGHT!! #JOHNGRAYALLDAY #mybrother #twins #occupyallstreets #flashbackandflashforwardfriday #imabringthehairbackforsure

CHRISTMAS EVE @hillsongnyc is gonna be special! We have 3 service times in manhattan and one in NEW JERSEY.. and NO CHURCH ON SUNDAY!! So tomorrow we are gonna pack in a whole lot and I'm excited to preach! room for you and the many many people who always visit "church" this time of the year! Hope to see you there... much love to our amazing teams throughout our church that make it all happen, all the time!! we don't often do choir robes...But when we do; they are RED and they are absolutely feels like a party in church, AND I LOVE IT.. as it should be... #occupyallstreets
NYC | Hammerstein Ballroom: 311 West 34th New York, NY : 4pm, 6pm, 8pm

NJ | Wellmont Theater: 5 Seymour St, Montclair, NJ : 6pm
See you there!!!!!!

New glasses but SAME BEST FRIEND!! Twins for life...Interestingly, the eye doctor told me that it will be uncomfortable as your eyes get corrected. He said most people opt for "comfortable sight" even though it's ultimately INCORRECT rather than deal w/ the process of change...he was preaching!! It's better to be uncomfortable and RIGHT then choosing to acclimate to dysfunction because you have gotten used to it.. new roads and new rivers! #occupyallstreets #ilooklikeacalvanist

Last service of the day... to whom it may concern: no matter who holds "office", He holds the future.. no matter who condemned you, His grace has pardoned you.. no matter who tried to exclude you, His love has cleared the way... it's the only name that truly "rings out in these streets.." #alwaysonlyjesus #occupyallstreets

Every Sunday is special to me and I love @hillsongNYC with all my heart. Each chapter has already meant so much to me and taught us so much..the faithful people who never stop growing, never take the easy route, always put God first and do it with a SMILE, inspire me daily...commitment will often rage against convenience! @hillsongnyc is a local church filled with committed, legendary people.. the way it should be! Special thanks to @chantel_riley for joining me in a duet, we killed it?? by day she stars on broadway in the lion king.. by night she serves faithfully, spotlight or shadow, as many do around here.. the best of the best! I'm preaching tomm night and our team has great things planned all day.. see you there!!! #occupyallstreets

Words only have POWER, when given PERMISSION..Just because something been said and sent your way? Does not mean you have to "receive" it...much like you can reject a phone call, we can reject words, labels and definitions ALL DAY LONG.. "DECLINE" when and where applicable! If somebody has ever said "failure" "no hope" "can't do it" "impossible" or even enter "racial slur"... make sure to remember the words "I decline".. shout out to @oceano.crewlove .. was a friend, now is a brother and yep.. he's a REAL SHOOTER!!! #occupyallstreets #writeyourownstory #selfediting

I love @hillsongnyc ...more than ever..all the people that make this community what it is..all the challenges, that make us who we are.. all the faith that pushes us towards who we are gonna BE..what a time to be ALIVE!! I'm getting on a 12:45am redeye from the west coast and coming straight to church! Gonna be that kind of day, wouldn't miss it! See you there.. WEEK FIVE at Hammerstine Ballroom 10/1230/5/730... MONTCLAIR NEW JERSEY 10am wellmont theater!! #occupyallstreets

THESE TWO WOMEN.. compassion and depth beyond their years.. one day, they they just might run for president AND WIN..we can't control the culture, but we sure can create our own, in our own HOUSE.. and real change starts there anyway.. future is bright! Including church tomm!! What a blessing it has been to move to Hammerstein Ballroom in manhattan.. we havnt had "actual room" to grow in 3 years! This is gonna be a fun season.. and we are weeks away from moving to two services in NEW JERSEY! New roads, new rivers to be sure.. tomm we have @judahsmith and @levilusko preaching and it will be a special day... all invited all the time...#occupyallstreets @avaangellentz @charlentz LOVE YOU VERY MUCH...