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Carlin Isles  USA OLYMPIAN, Ran track professionally played in the NFL now play rugby professionally for the USA sponsored by NIKE & RedBull ❤️God/Jesus.

I gave a pretty good speech lol encouraging these young men and women!

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One moment can change you our destiny. 💪 Find out who is the #NextOlympicHopeful: August 25, 9p ET in NBCSN.

My partner is a very strong and smart woman! We will make a difference!
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For 2 Years
I've walked around with that #FosterCare sign!
15 years of #advocating
13 #fosterhome 's
I lived beneath my means to make this happen
Yes, unemployed the entire time
Nope no #sponsors on the trips
I have a plan for everything your seeing #trustme
#fostercare is like #hollywood
the older you get your story isn't good enough✍🏾
So #thankyou to everyone donating via #cashapp or hitting the link in my bio!
With your help @carlinisles & I will be able to create more #champion 's

Me and @hashtagfostercare have teamed up to provide housing for at risk foster kids! We need your help and donations. We've already started one project, and trying to do many more! Your donation will help stop poverty, prostitution, and jail. And more importantly an opportunity for them to be self sufficient, and have a chance at life. Most people can't see the light and we want to provide that for them. And build them inside out! Click link in bio👆🏽

Excited to announce one of several projects between me @hashtagfostercare if my twin I & had not been adopted I'm not sure where we would've been. I've been blessed and its time to give back. I need all my followers to follow my partner @hashtagfostercare and hit the link in the bio & donate to our first project for #Fosterkids in crisis

I was broke, trying to manage 500 dollars a month. Living with this shorty I really liked, but my part of the rent was 400$ lol so I had to manage 100 dollars a month. Taught me how to manage money right, give up things I didn't need. And be happy at the same time. Those lessons helped me when the Lord did give me more, because he knew I could handle it.

People claim they tired of feeling a certain way, broke, lonely, sad, depressed, empty. But they have time to go out with friends and party and go here and there. Then want to say I'm busy but who are you busy if you can go have fun? Then don't complain because evidently you aren't that tired! Your focus is on temporary fulfillment. It has to be about things that will give you everlasting fulfillment. Your focus as to change along with priorities. Because if not, you're going to keep being on that same emotional roller coaster being sick and tired. Nothing will change and you'll feel the same way 5 years later. And it doesn't matter what you do or who you meet! #cfly #jesusfulfills #knowledge #sandiego 📸 @malonaljiboori #redbull

We workin @mikey_te013

Gotta lock in as @traps6_ says! #sandiego #fit #strong #redbull

What are you going to entertain, the good or bad?

This man right here is my everything! My mentor, my dad, my life! He loves me no matter what, and shows it all the time. Not a seasonal man, an everyday loving man. He showed me what real love is, and how a relationship is suppose to be. He has given me so much knowledge and wisdom, but most importantly his heart and commitment. I have grown so much because of him. I thought I knew what love and commitment was. And how life worked, but he showed me the way of life and how to live. God has given us this amazing connection and relationship that rare, and I thank you for showing me Jesus and what love and life is. To show me the ways of people. But show me that if I can't trust anybody, I can trust you. You've proven why you're special, and I set my standards off of you! Love you forever and ever! Love you pastor Dr. Baldwin, your son, C fly ❤

What an incredible feeling and blessing to be able to touch people on such a different level. Got to impact 15 entrepreneurs and staff and others to see life in a different perspective. The lord Jesus Christ is amazing. And for them to feel what I was saying is amazing! Thank you @redbull for allowing me to inspire and motivate others, and use my wings to go higher for myself and others!📸 @terelldrayton #inspire #redbull #motivate

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