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when you try everything to get cozy
w/ @monique_martinez_

i’m more of a salty person *throws it on the ground*

A little over a year ago my sister, confidant and best friend got married. You may be my little sis mal mal, but I look up to you. In more ways than one. Happy belated anniversary @mrs_malloryingram & @jakobingram! 📸 @50pts

shoulda grabbed that hanger huh 🙄

usually hangin’ out with peter pan... 🐝
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the older I get the better I feel. I’ve never been someone with a fast metabolism, and in my late teens I had extremely bad acne. Like... really bad. I would cry in pain when I washed my face at night cause my acne hurt so bad. And when I was on my high school volleyball team, I’d tape down my boobs cause I didn’t feel skinny enough like the other girls. I compared myself when really the only one pressuring myself, was me. All of this to say... insecurities are real... but recognizing that you can make slow changes that lead to beautiful accomplishments is a powerful thing. Healthy always being the main goal. The reason I feel better the older I get, is genuinely that I slowly am blocking out comparison and embracing what’s healthy for me. Comparison never has led me to anything good. Never doubt yourself... and it’s not to late to make changes. Not for them - but for you.
Photographer: @maccstagram

uhhh what’s a brush?

🧡 @marykatherinef shot for: fun

listen... #1 us roomates didn’t plan this #twinning sitch #2a we talk about more than you’ll ever know... #2b I’ve had a lot of roommates over the years, but this one, I’m especially thankful for. #3 talked to Steve Howey tonight. That was rad.

@catlampi_ just posted this so I will as well. Hands down in my top favorites weddings I’ve the honor of shooting.

my last post was wordy enough lol

photography is a weird thing these days. I have so much work that the world will never see. So many shots that only the client has to enjoy and do with it what they will. To be an artist is a tricky life, because the desire for others to enjoy your work is a blissful thing to share, but then you’re confronted with the honest truth of never wanting to create due to pressure. It’s a never ending cycle. At the end of the day, I’m proud of what I create, regardless of the validation it receives or doesn’t. You gotta live that way, otherwise exhaustion and burn out is on the horizon.

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