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MrsCarlieStylez  Kindness is so gangster✌🏻. Wifey👧🏼 Mommy to boys👶🏼💙 YouTube Vlogger📹 Senegence distributor.💄 Grateful for my life.🍦

Anyone else feel me? Double tap ❤️ this if you can relate. Tag a sister-Fran who gets it. 🙋🏼

On Mondays I usually upload a #maternitymonday update on my YouTube channel; tomorrow I'll be uploading my first postpartum vlog including our birth story! Any questions outside of the basics? Leave them below! ❤️📹🎬

Brothers don't shake hands, brothers gotta hug. So fun watching big brother play ball today. ❤️☀️

Just a casual post game interview for this big slugger. Cutest site my heart ever saw. ❤️⚾️

Life these days, soaking up all snuggles and not feeling one ounce of guilt for all the things I'm not getting done. ❤️❤️

I was trying to find a "cute" picture to post but then I was like hello reality is better. No make up for the past week, pretty sure my pajama top isn't even buttoned up, I haven't left my bed all day, and I think I have a boob pad stuck to my arm😳. But the good news is my baby is happy, he's healthy, he's fed, and he's sleeping. Newborn life isn't easy but it's worth every second. This little guy loves being close to mom and dad, and we just don't have the heart to tell him no. ❤️

I realize that the last 10 posts or whatever are of baby Elliot, but I literally can't help myself. We are one week old today. He's rolling from side to side, lifting his head up like a champ, farting louder than anyone I know, and making the cutest sounds ever. Today is the first day he made eye contact with me and smiled like he really recognized me. He's so good for our hearts. We are smitten. ❤️❤️

These 2 little cuties are going to be the best of friends. Meet Elliot's cousin Layla, they are only 6 days apart. Seriously how much cuteness can you put in one picture? 🎀👶🏼💙 You guys did so good @caseylavere @heykayli

I love being a mom to two boys. Easter brunch, egg hunts, and family time. I'm grateful for the plan and knowledge that families can be together forever. Because of Him we can and will live forever. #princeofpeace #heisrisen ❤️🐇

Happiest Easter from this little good egg. But really he is the best egg ever. Sleeps eats and poops like a champ. He loves his feet rubbed, church music, and sleeping on his side. 🐇🍫

Elliot's birth vlog is up (link in bio). This day was so surreal. I'm so glad we were able to have video/photos to watch back on and hold close to our hearts. His first cry, the moment he entered this world and our lives. At this Easter time I'm greatly reminded of how the Savior blesses us in times of joy and pain. I truly believe that He is the #princeofpeace and because He conquered death and rose again, we too can. He has brought so much peace into my life through hardships and blessings as I continually worked on my relationship with Him. Our family was blessed with a sweet spirit fresh from heaven and I'm grateful for this piece of heaven on earth filling our home. Family is everything. ❤️❤️

Elliot the little dragon🐲. Doctors check up today went so good. Baby boy is healthy and on track. I won't apologize for the flood of baby pics the next little while. #sorrynotsorry #elliotthedragon ❤️ outfit deets are tagged.

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