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asteri tis zois mou  ☁️ L A 🌙

venus retrograde scorpio ☁️

a room full of half burnt candles flickering
outside hear the fresh rain trickling;
lightning ripping the sky in halves.
soft fluffy blankets engulf my body
like a cloud made from magical threads
a book in one hand,
untouched pages yearning to be explored-
hot tea in the other,
a ghost of steam dancing around the rim
as if almost begging to be
whisked away
with the wind
into the storm


love d e a l e r

🧁💸addicted 2 cake

@tobilou 🍼

dance through the world like you did when you were a child- back when lands of magic flourished all around you. everything was a sparking new discovery filled with excitement and mystery. we still reside here in this magical place- we just get so busy or caught up in complex scenarios that we forget to actually live in it sometimes. your true power lies here- by being fully present in the moment; you can create your reality. you can live in your own paradise.
i am myself striving to become more grounded in this physical realm so as to transmute my manifestations into physical reality; as well as have the ability to fully understand and appreciate the pure magic that is ever unfolding around me in this beautiful world facilitating this complex life i am so blessed to be experiencing🦋💘💫🌈

you told me i was crazy-
i believed you...look at at us now.


i woke up this morning to find out i broke 1 million viewers on snapchat⭐️💤🔮🌈 so blissed out that i have such a dope group of people supporting me! i love you all so much💘

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