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CARLEY THORNE  im really count olaf in disguise

collaging is my favorite form of art and mick jagger is my favorite form of a person

(pola)roid rage

so lucky to meet the famous @yassyriad while rollerskating!! she's so nice and down to earth for a celebrity šŸ˜ (updated: yasmin noticed on february 7th!!)

"its like the beatles said: i get by with a little help from my friends"
"isnt that song about drugs though?"
"dont ruin this"

photograph taken at gay freedom day 1977, but startlingly applicable today

maybe she loved memes so much, she became one

ive been waiting to post this picture of me with one of vincent van goghs real paintings because ive been trying to put into words the impact that van gogh has had on my life. I remember being four years old and seeing starry night for the first time. it was the first piece of art that I instantly connected with. it was unlike anything i had ever seen before. so visually interesting, and so full of emotion. i later learned about van gogh and the sadness that debilitated him for most of his life and as a person who feels every emotion with an almost violent implication, i connected with van gogh yet again. now, i look at his paintings and see the tragedy of a man who cared too much in a world that cared too little. his story and art has shaped me in ways that i cant even begin to imagine. let his legacy do for you what it has done for me and care recklessly, revel in your individuality, and turn your heartache into creation.

umbridge who?

everyone's been posting some really cute pictures of themselves over winter break so i thought i'd join in!

'feet, what do i need them for when i have wings to fly?" - frida kahlo

rest in peace to the princess that taught me to take no shit. carrie fisher you will be missed.

i am one with the force and the force is with me