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Carlee Jacobus  ✨ Fitness Instagram: @carlees_angel_fitness • • • • Sacramento, CA.

Summertime feels ✨☀️ but really, it’s way too damn hot outside!!! I’m over summertime! 🤣💀

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We are all mad here 🎩💫 •

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Happy Fourth of July! ❤️💫

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Don’t let your imagination run away with you ✨💫

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When your new hair makes you feel like a boss ass bitch bitch bitchhhh...IM A BOSS ASS BITCH BITCH BITCH 👏🏼💁🏼‍♀️

Who is ready for a hair transformation?! 😍🔥🙈 @vveracity always goes above and beyond to make my hair look amazing!!! I will never trust anyone else to do my hair 🤣💕 I was definitely in need for an update and could not be happier with the results. If you are in the area, you HAVE to check her out 🙏🏼

New hair feels 😍🌹👌🏼 Done by the amazing @vveracity .. check her out!! Stay tuned for the before and after pictures 💕

When life isn’t going your way, pretend it is. #fakeittilyoumakeit 🤷🏼‍♀️

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When a dream becomes reality and you can’t stop pinching yourself to make sure you are still awake... ✨

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Oh summer time..... why you gotta be so DAMN HOT?!? •

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What is your favorite animal? 🐶🦁🐍 Some people when they see the lion on my forearm immediately ask if I’m a Leo... (actual Pisces) 🙄😈 There are a few reasons why I got a lion actually:
1️⃣ My favorite animal
2️⃣ I love the powerful meaning and beauty of what a lion represents
3️⃣ My cousin @alyssathomson and I would go on vacation every summer with my aunt and uncle. On one Hawaii vacation, we both got to pick out a stuffed animal at the toy store. Alyssa picked a leopard and I picked a lion. When it came to deciding what their names were going to be, we couldn’t decide.. until.. somehow the name ‘George’ came up (I’m assuming George of the jungle??) and we of course both wanted the name so bad we fought over it! Can you guess who won?! Well...they both became George. There isn’t much of a point to my story except to say that that is one of my fondest memories about growing up. My cousin has been my best friend all my life and still is to this day. Looking down at this tattoo every day makes me still feel close to her even though she lives in damn Arizona!! 🤬 See you soon 💕

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Create your own sunshine 🌞✨ #friday #weekendvibes

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