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Carl Daikeler  CEO of Beachbody. Working with a group of leaders committed to helping people get healthy! @beachbody @tbbcoach411

Celebrate Day 266 of 2018! #365er

Shift Shop Proving Grounds Challenge Packs go on sale Oct 1. Is your team in place to be part of the momentum that is about to explode within Team Beachbody? Get them on board!

It’s finally coming to Beachbody On Demand! On Oct 1 #LIIFT4 goes into the member library and unlike any program we’ve ever done, this one gives you 3 rest days a week and still gets you incredible results! Check out the coaches from the exclusive coach test group; THEY ARE THE PROOF IT WORKS!!!!

The massive launch of @2bmindset resulted in immediate demand for a certification program so coaches could run groups with a deeper level of understanding and authority that would attract new customers. It always pays to be first, and that includes not just the first 4,500 people who have signed up to become Certified 2B Mindset Mentors, but especially the first 100 to complete the online program! Congratulations!

We are ten days away from launching the new Shift Shop Proving Grounds Challenge Packs and showing people an innovation in fitness and weight loss that will appeal to millions of new people and manifest potential they never knew they had. Get ready to make the shift in October!

I am so proud of our Team Beachbody coaches - especially for their work this month! Not only did you make our first test of a seasonal Shakeology flavor sellout in 16 hours (Canada still gets its shot at Pumpkin Spice Oct 11) but you are helping more people with their health and fitness in September than we could have expected! Usually this is the time of year the health and fitness industry slows down. But we’re adding more coaches per day than we did a year ago, thousands of coaches are getting certified to become @2bmindset mentors every day, and coaches are encouraging their teams to get the word out that staying subscribed to monthly subscription of Shakeology, Beachbody Performance, Beachbars or Daily Sunshine has the added benefit of getting free access to the @80dayobsession line extension, called A LITTLE MORE OBSESSED when it’s released on BOD October 8th - and it’s all working! So many people see Team Beachbody and think it’s a content and nutrition company. That’s true in one sense, but the power in this business is the people who are the proof the products work who step up to coach and create the accountability to help hundreds of thousands of others live healthier, more fulfilling lives. Thank you coaches!

It was nice while it lasted. Our first test of a special seasonal flavor of Shakeology was a total sell out in the US in under a day. Now there are only two ways to get some until next year: Be Canadian on Oct 11 when we launch pumpkin spice in Canada, or continue to post your coach vital behaviors activity to Instagram stories and tag me @carldaikeler with #dosomething through the end of September.

You want success... but do you OWN IT? That’s what it takes. Nicolette spent most of her life flying under the radar, too anxious to try, she dealt with social anxiety, fears and self-limiting beliefs.
She decided to get out of her own way, and start sharing who she is, what she’s passionate about, what she’s been through, and where she’s headed. If that describes you or any of your coaches, listen to this call! She now knows how to work with Coaches who are consumed with fear and she can help you!

Did you know that every member of Beachbody On Demand who has an active nutrition HD subscription (Shakeology, Beachbody Performance, Beachbars, Daily Sunshine) in October and November will get access to the six brand new A LITTLE MORE OBSESSED workouts from @autumncalabrese when they come out October 8th? $40 of content added free as our thanks to our best customers! #obsessed

We are two days away from the US launch of Pumpkin Spice Shakeology. I’ve got a box of 14 packets already and while I’ve tried to resist, I’ve already enjoyed 3 of them 🙂I’m celebrating my 258th day of 2018 by having a fully loaded shake for breakfast. Check this recipe out!
- handful of ice, 8oz water
- 8 oz Almond milk
- one egg (yep!)
- tsp coconut oil
- Digestive Health Boost
- Power Greens Boost
- one banana
- fistful of baby spinach
- Pumpkin Spice Shakeology

All that healthy superfood goodness with heaps of antioxidants, enzymes, pre/probiotics, adaptogen herbs, protein, fiber, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals - and it tastes like Pumpkin Pie! Probably about 275 calories and $6 total cost and I would stack that up against the healthiest $10 breakfast buffet anywhere. That is a meal that starts the day right! #myhealthmatterstome

Imagine thousands of people taking the initiative to improve their health and fitness in the fall! That’s what I expect when the SHIFT SHOP from Chris Downing featuring the new Proving Grounds workouts come out this October! We’re launching new SHIFT SHOP Challenge Packs and Accessory bundles on, plus two prep workouts (Quick Shifts), a free sample SHIFT SHOP workout, and new program material on Beachbody On Demand October 1st. Then on Oct 22nd, the Proving Grounds workouts go live; These challenging routines are incorporated into each week of the SHIFT SHOP program, and will launch exclusively on Beachbody On Demand. ⠀

And of course, every challenge pack sold in October also includes free access to A Little More Obsessed from Autumn Calabrese. An extra $40 value free with subscription to any of our nutrition subscriptions. Find a coach. Be a coach. Make the shift this October!

I asked them to make sure this lived up to my red container count. I’m happy to say, the portions are under control! #fixatelife #wagyu

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