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Carl Daikeler  CEO of Beachbody. Working with a group of leaders committed to helping people get healthy! @beachbody @tbbcoach411

Exciting December news for new coaches! Every day I will select 10 coaches who sold their very first challenge pack in December for a $100 cash bonus and personalized signed letter plus frame.
All coaches who have sold their first challenge pack are eligible all month! That means 210 coaches will get this bonus! So END THE YEAR WITH A START - If you sell your first Challenge Pack ever in December, you’re eligible and the next $100 could be yours! #EndTheYearWithAStart

Here comes the sun. Without being asked, without compensation, it shares life-giving energy with the entire planet. That’s got to feel good. Who’s life are you going to share your light with today?

It only took @transform_20 four days to shatter the record for the biggest first week of sales in Team Beachbody history! Congratulations everyone who already received their Beachbody Step and materials as we launch the first prep and preview workouts this coming week, and as tens of thousands of people get ready to join @shaunt for the massive six week exclusive coach test group for twenty minutes a day of heart pumping, fat burning transformation starting January 15th!

Launch day doesn’t mean I miss a beat when it comes to filling the missing links between good nutrition and GREAT superfood nutrition! Welcome to day 338 of 2018! #365er

Transform :20 is officially in business across the Team Beachbody platform! Packs are on sale as we prepare to release the first couple of prep workouts in a week, just as the people who order today are getting their packages! VIP Early Access and the exclusive coach Test group with Shaun T starts Jan 15th, but we have maxed out the number of steps we could order (and fit in the warehouses) so if you want in, GET IN! I’m so proud of the work the entire team has done including the few people who gave us initial feedback that this six week, twenty minute a day program is a winner! Shaun T is back and we’re about to shred some holiday weight like nobody’s business (except - this IS our business...) So let’s do this! Let’s help some people!

We just had our biggest National Wake Up call of the year; 20,000 coaches have watched the Zoom video from this morning and @shaunt was on fire! He motivated so many new Coaches to be ready for the launch of @transform_20 packs tomorrow. Learn the three stages of the program and the range of moves and mental challenges he overcomes in the program. The highlight, which you really must see for full effect: He said if anyone asks you if Transform :20 works, just stare them down and ask them “Are you gonna do the work?” Is it Tuesday yet?!

A six week, :20 a day fitness program that’s so different and special in so many ways, it will make history. An exclusive coach test group that will push you so hard to overcome personal and professional obstacles, you’re going to discover potential you never knew you had. If you order, don’t do it half heartedly and don’t do it alone. You’re going to want to be all-in on this one, and you’re going to want to be in it with a squad. @shaunt is back. @transform_20

December 3rd, and look at all you amazing people SHOWING UP! You are pure inspiration!

Not sure if I’m supposed to drink it, or hang it on the tree.

I was at a business dinner last night and we got to discussing our top priorities and how we measure success. I think when people ask that they expect us to cite revenue metrics or profit trends. But for us, there is one top priority which guides our decisions and defines our success. It’s such a priority that it even takes the place of my name on my parking spot at the office: “GET PEOPLE RESULTS.”

@transform_20 VIP Early Access and the Step go on sale one week from today. Hey Fedex: You’re gonna need a bigger truck.

Yes. Really.

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