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Carla Jian Primero  Chicago based Wellness Maven promoting empowerment & community. Events + Collaborations Yoga + Fitness Instructor Holistic Health Coach Wifey + Mama


Friends don't let friends workout alone! Make the first move, and ask a first timer to @barrysbootcamp on a sweat date. Now until October 31st, the Barry's Friends with Benefits Campaign is inviting your friend to their first class at a special rate. When you take class with your FWB you'll BOTH score your next class on Barry's! 👯 Who's in for a workout date?!
📷: @tekstiles

One of my go to health and beauty regimens is my daily dose of @vitalproteins. In order to support you in cleaning up your protein routine for 28 days, fit babe @clarascleaneats and I have partnered up to giveaway a #CollagenClean Campaign Kit to 2 lucky winners! Enter our giveaway to win:
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"We want ourselves, and girls everywhere, to be seen as equals, in the eyes of others and in our own eyes." - dayofthegirl.org 💫

Happy International Day of the Girl. We live in a world that builds women up, but also breaks them down. Hopefully we bring an end to the latter. Let's continue to empower ourselves and each other. Who's with me?! 👊

Today I am sharing three of my favorite fashionista badass mamas. Equal parts super mom meets style maven - these women do it all! Get to know why I crush on them so hard + follow their amazing IG feeds. 👉 Find them at: @andrealevoff @talikogan @101thingsilove #followfridaymamas #followfriday

We recently bought our first house. Moves are stressful! It's an older house that needs some major updating. It's hard not to get impatient and want to change everything all at once. With lots of time, patience, and gratitude, we will eventually make this old house our home sweet home. In order to avoid getting overwhelmed, I'm looking to my holistic wellness practices for comfort:
✨De-stress Latte✨
Adaptogens and superfoods have the ability to help manage stress, boost immune system, balance hormones, increase energy and vitality. Blend the ingredients then heat in a sauce pan to a simmer...
1 cup canned @wholefoods lite coconut milk
1 tsp @terrasoul Reishi powder
1/2 tsp @wholefoodschi maca powder
1 tsp @navitasorganics cacao powder
1/2 scoop @vitalproteins collagen peptide
1/2 tsp @omg_superfoods turmeric
1/2 tsp @traderjoes cinnamon
1 tsp raw honey .
To clear, purify, and cleanse space of negative energy I started smudging with sage and palos santos. I bought these from @scratchgoods and @rubyroom. Light one end, wave the smoke around corners, doorways, and any other space you want to cleanse. It also helps to think of an intention or what you want to manifest for that space. This is perfect for our house that was built in 1938!
If you have any tips to share about making a house a home or quicker ways to add your personal touch to a previously owned space, I'd love to know in the comments 👇 I'm also looking for a good neutral paint color. Any suggestions?!

"You will always be too much of something for someone: too big, too loud, too soft, too edgy. If you round out your edges, you lose your edge." - @daniellelaporte
How great is this quote?! An ex-boyfriend once told me "for someone so small, you are too much." I'm happy I didn't round out my edges. What's your favorite quote? Share below please 👇! Happy Weekend and keep being extra AF💋
📷: @kimmyrule

I was tagged by my friend, @everythingerica, to share 10 FACTS ABOUT MYSELF. So, here you go!
▪️This is embarrassing but I don't know how to swim.
▪️I was very shy in grade school until I joined the cheerleading team and had to perform in front of a crowd.
▪️I was a competitive cheerleader for 11 years. 1 concussion, 2 sprained ankles, and fell from pyramids and stunts a bunch of times. It was challenging!
▪️I was born in the Philippines. 🇵🇭
▪️I use to play the violin but quit because my teacher told me that I had to cut my nails short and that I couldn't wear nail polish. 💅🏽
▪️In junior high I started taking martial arts classes with my sister and brother.
▪️I'm such a Leo. I'm fiery. I'm loyal. I love passionately but if you f*ck with me (or anyone I love) we're done. I am getting better at forgiveness, tho! #namaste
▪️I'm super emotional. I think I cried during every episode of This Is Us.
▪️I've never seen these popular movies: ET, Star Wars (cue husband's disappointment), or Harry Potter.
▪️Team NSYNC all the way, baby!
Can you relate to any of these?! 🙋🏻 Tell me which one 👇!
I nominate the lovely ladies tagged in this photo to share their 10 facts too!

Did you know that there are science-backed ways to boost confidence, increase energy, reduce anxiety, and improve the way you manage stress? It's simple. Just strike a Power Pose! 👊🏽
Start now by sitting/standing tall. Lift your chin and heart up. Have you feet flat and pressed firmly into the ground. While you're doing that read why posture is so in right now...
✔️Good posture engages your core, expands the diaphragm to allow for better breathing, and creates space for your organs to aid in digestion.
✔️When your spine is long, gaze is forward and shoulders back, it communicates that you are open and you own the room (or beach!).
✔️2 minutes of holding a Power Pose can balance hormones by increasing testosterone by 20% and decreasing cortisol levels by 25%. You will exude confidence and improve your ability to handle stress.
So listen to your mom when she tells you to sit/stand up straight. It does a mind and body good! Are you still holding a strong posture? Doesn't it make you feel kind of like a bad*ss?!

Last weekend I took my first girls trip in 2+ years. The reason it took so long was because I had Mason, and I just didn't make it a priority or I felt a little guilt if I were to leave. Any other moms experience that? 🙋🏻 I'm quick to do a self care hour here or there for a workout, skincare treatment, a girls night, etc....but a full weekend at a beautiful lake house was what I really needed.
My intention for those 3 days were to "slow down so I can speed up". Between classes, clients, a wellness company, my husband, Mason, prepping for a move to our new home, and more, I needed a little getaway!
When I slow down, ground myself, and take a pause from work and motherhood, I'm a lot more present in my lifework and connection with others.
Now I feel rejuvenated, and get to enjoy the weekend with this little guy!
How are you going to enjoy this beautiful weekend?
📷: @tekstiles

Still on a high after sharing a lake house birthday weekend with my #wcw @mrschellej. Chelle is fierce, funny as hell, and says exactly what's on her mind. Love her, and how she so perfectly describes our 3 day celebration with the some of our favorite women...
"We all come from different states, backgrounds, and are different ages. We are single, married, divorced; we have children, we want them, or we don't. We have different goals and dreams, and different struggles that we deal with on the reg, but what we all have in common is the desire to lift up the strong females around us and live our best lives (and eat 4 s'mores in a row and 100 bags of @sietefoods chips). This is my #femaleforum and I couldn't be more grateful for these beauties."

It's my birthday today! As I reflect on the past year, GRATITUDE and MOVE FORWARD are my first thoughts. ▫️
I'm grateful for my health, supportive husband, beautiful son, and the strong circle of women and mothers that lift me up. You know who you are. My lifework allows me to connect with the most amazing people that inspire the sh*t out of me. I am honored to have you in my life.
My intention on my last birthday was to move forward, and I did. I let go of thoughts and people that did not serve me. My mantra was inspired by the ultimate #momboss @beyonce....
✨"I had a choice to stand still or move forward. To let things happen or to make it happen. Everyday I wake up, I make a choice, not to let the world decide for me. I decide for me. I decide to get going."✨
I'm looking forward to this next year, and the birthday festivities for the next few days. I'll be updating my instatories if you want to see how this mama likes to party. Can you guess what it will all be?! Thank you all for the love and support as I celebrate this next year!
📷: @kimmyrule 💋

Confession. I eat chocolate every day. Yup. 100% pure cacao. The good stuff. Eating cacao curbs my craving for the not so healthy chocolate. My go to are @paschachocolate. I blend it in smoothies, enjoy it over my @kitehillfoods yogurt, or stuffed them in raspberries just like this. We crave chocolate when we are deficient in magnesium. Cacao is rich in magnesium so when added into your favorite foods you'll crave chocolate less! I've listed a couple more ways on how I limit my sugary chocolate consumption to higher quality cacao in my blog. Link is in my bio. Anyone else addicted to chocolate too? Tag a chocolate lover below! 👇

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