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Dog meat farms in South Korea are just as big and bad as those in China and other Asian countries like India, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand. Everyday i still pray that more and more animal welfare groups such as @hsiglobal will help put an end to the dog meat trade. No to dog meat! No to animal cruelty. 🚫 #NoToAnimalCruelty #YesToAnimalResponsibility #NoToDogMeat #NoToDogMeatTrade

And i am grateful πŸ™πŸΌ

How's your summer so far? Mine is great! I keep my skin healthy with @VitaEPH πŸ’œ #EffortlessBeauty #VitaE #VitaEPH @atchealthcareph

My goodness! I don't know how to feel. Surely i feel so relieved a poor man is able to care for all these cats, some of which were abandoned by their terrible owners, and that they're all so lucky Mang Lito has a big heart. Yet i feel terrible knowing how difficult it must be for him to have this much cats. One thing i know for certain is that Mang Lito serves as living proof that you don't need to be rich or well-off to be able to care for pets responsibly- something i always tell others. And he's absolutely right in saying that if you're only going to give away, abandon or even throw away your pet, then you shouldn't have had pets in the first place. You don't deserve to have pets. Mabuhay ka, Mang Lito! Everyone, let's please please help him out. He's seen with his cats in Scout Gandia, Quezon City so let's try to look for him and donate in cash or kind, and even adopt. πŸ™πŸΌ #NoToAnimalCruelty #YesToAnimalResponsibility

Si AVIONA, isang Mulawin. At si GABRIEL, isang Ravena. Excited na kami ni @dennistrillo lumipad!!! 😍😍😍 #Aviona #Gabriel #MulawinVSRavena ngayong May na πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ P.S. This photo was taken during our secret storycon that took place last February. Nobody was allowed to take photos and post back then. 😁😁😁

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This is the face of fur trim. Repost if you agree there is nothing fashionable about animal cruelty.
________________________________________________________Photo: Jo-Anne McArthur / @weanimals

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mimi! ❀️ @reagreyes #AvaNoelle1212 #LucyGoosey123

The shih tzu that was reported to me and i posted about just a few days ago unfortunately passed away. The moment i found out it was a shih tzu being transported this way, i immediately got worried. Because shih tzus are BRACHYCEPHALIC. They have difficulty breathing in normal yet hot and humid environments. So what more inside a bus compartment, right? I really seriously hope that bus companies won't have to require pets to be kept inside pet carriers and makeshift box containers in their bus compartments to avoid more cases like this. This protocol was already reprimanded before so i hope that soon they can go back to how it was back then. After all, there are other ways and a little compromise won't hurt for the sake of these animals' lives. On the other hand, i also seriously hope that pet owners will be more considerate when transporting their pets. May they learn from this particular case. πŸ™πŸΌ #NoToAnimalCruelty #YesToAnimalResponsibility

I, Carla Abellana, make an effort to check if the products i use were tested on animals. And yes, i am absolutely 100% against animal testing. Do you use products that were tested on animals? 🚫 #Repost @humanesociety with @repostapp
Today is #WorldDayforAnimalsinLabs & @bigbangtheory_cbs's @MissMayim (who's also a neuroscientist #IRL !) is debunking some animal testing myths and advocating for the millions of animals used in laboratories worldwide. Together we can #EndAnimalTesting πŸš«πŸ­πŸ’‰ #NoToAnimalCruelty

Happy Birthday, Mom! I pray that you'll always be this happy ❀️ Abu! 😘 P.S. I love how you were naturally trying to shield Hachiko from the rain too. 😍

Summer means a lot of skin exposure, so keep yourself protected by wearing sunscreen and taking 400IU of Vitamin E from @VitaEPH daily! πŸ’œ #VitaE #VitaEPH @atchealthcareph #EffortlessBeauty

This one's another bus line called DLTB Co. πŸ˜” #NoToAnimalCruelty #YesToAnimalResponsibility

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