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Carita Kristiina ✈  📌 Thailand 🌎 Here and there

My mom asked me on the phone today if I had been swimming a lot 🐳 Yeah, last time I unleashed my inner #mermaid to the ocean was in April..✨🙈 #throwback to turquoise waters and white sand beaches! 🐚 And #rip that bikini which I realised is no longer travelling with me?! When did I even lose it..?👙oh well!

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That plant 🌿 must feel puzzled! It's growing gracefully in such inspiring yet gruelling environment, not necessarily where it belongs to💚💭

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She understood that the hardest times in life to go through were when you were transitioning from one version of yourself to another. - Sarah Addison Allen

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Bangkok❤ I'm curious to see what's coming up next month 🌞😍

Beautiful Yvette❤ I spent a month in Bali and only had one beach day... (and nearly 20 days of sauna...)🍍😍 something went wrong??🙊 Need to take the sun with me to rainy Chiang Mai this week ☔

That's a smile, right? 🌞🌞

Well hello Bali❤

That feeling when the engines of the aircraft are on full power and you're speeding up till the nose pitches up! •


Thank you Myanmar and everyone I met along the way🙏💕🛫

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."
It's been 90 days since I left home and decided to give some space for myself👣💕

Do you ever pay attention on those things that aren't necessarily the reasons for your happiness but definitely make your life easier? Like the very ordinary things? 💭 Let's say you expect something to work in a certain way and when it doesn't you might find yourself frustrated. Natural. Eventually it starts working again and you'll go like "Finally...." Not really paying attention on the fact that it actually works again and it feels kind of nice. No mentionable feelings out there. Right? That's me not long ago🙋(and still working on it...)
I decided to change my way of acting. Observing that tiny feeling of happiness, which is easily and automatically ignored, is helping me to stay positive throughout the day. If you think about it. Instead of ignoring the positive by accident I take time to literally ask myself "Ok, How do you feel NOW when the hair dryer is working again or the traffic running?" Just by asking that question I take myself back and be aware of my feelings. Of course it feels good to able to dry my hair if that's what I needed to do...⁉ I just didn't think about it too much. I help myself to see the positive outcome after the frustration instead of missing it out as a neutral feeling💁That's when I realise that I could actually feel something not only when very ordinary things don't go as I assume but also when they do! ⚠⚠
When I do this often enough it kinda sums up and changes my mindset little by little towards the point where seeing the positive comes naturally♥ There are SO many inconspicuous things in everyday life that can help us to do this if we succeed in remaining aware of ourselves! It's not an easy task.. Worth trying tho!🙏 Sunday funday... 💭

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Slow travel for deep understanding of the culture ➡ I feel like the first days in a new destination are always a bit confusing. Crossing the street, for example, is something we do all the time. Simple, thoughtless activity💁 It actually takes some time to learn how to do it properly (without the fear of getting hit by a car🚗) in each country or even a city especially when it comes to Asia. I ♥ the feeling when everything eventually falls into place and the confusion turns into understanding😍 Instead of rushing from one place to another in order to experience as much as possible, I prefer slowing down and deeply immersing myself in a different culture 💯🙏

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