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Carina Wright  Mom. Spartan Race Brand Ambassador. Sweetheart w/ a little wild streak. Want to live well and mindfully, a great life quietly. Nature makes me happy.

Monterey’s around the corner, hows everyone prepping for those hills? I’m so excited to get a sprint there this year too. Those back to back weekends are the most fun. #spartanba18

I was supposed to be a one week newlywed this last weekend, not out wandering EDC making cute new friends. 😂 It’s kind of weird to think about but I’m happier this way. It’s been done all year so almost a solid six months, but it’s still weird to hit dates. Plus it took longer than that to really cut ties and understand there’s not even a good friendship there. I am definitely a person who will call you out on anything that isn’t feeling or looking right whether we’re friends, family, or something else. Now the last date has passed and I’m feeling pretty good. 😎 This little guy just sits in my drawer collecting dust. My life is very fulfilling for me and I will always think of true partnership as being a great and desirable thing, but you have to find a partner that wants to make it work. Not just when they feel like it, but every single day and with the utmost respect and effort. Cause if you aren’t getting the time, attention, respect, affection etc that you deserve it’s not worth it. Good relationships require a lot of trust and discipline. Better to be alone and not lonely than with someone and lonely. Every once in a while I’ll have an off night where I want company but Millie Vanilli will be able to sleep with me soon enough. 🤓🙌

I’ve seriously been having the best time listening to all my favorite artists while in good company. EDM has such a special place in my heart, I lift to it and listen to it through all my best and worst days. Gives me all the feels. ❤️

Who do you have for #spartanbigbear tomorrow? @dr0p_the_hammer is forever my favorite. 😅 If you aren’t racing be sure to check out the action LIVE at (I will put the link in my bio as well). #spartanba18

So ready for EDC but I’m having the worst time trying to get there. First flight has a three hour delay. 😩

My nugget is such a good socializer, I love her. 😭

New #SRBattlePro gear has me playing too much today. 😭 It’s fresh as hell though; can’t help myself. And yes I know I need to get new bales. 😅 #spartan #spartanrace #spartanba18 #spear #speathrow

A lot of people will SAY they want relationships, to get in shape, to sober up, to stop engaging in drama, to live a better lifestyle etc but will actually DO very little. It’s way easier to stay in your comfort zone than it is to push yourself outside of it and experience real growth and true living. So if someone is saying a lot and doing little or even worse, doing the opposite, just leave them to it. You can’t help someone who doesn’t want to help themselves and if they really want whatever it is more than anything else they’ll figure it out. We all get the same 24hrs. Always keep pushing yourself in the right direction and keep the people who are on the same page with you. I’ve experienced some of my best life highs just being outside, training, playing with my kids, racing, being around people I love, and listening to music. It’s safe to say I would’ve missed out on a lot of those if I wasn’t disciplined in my day to day choices so it’s worth putting in the work, you will reap the rewards. Shallow living always leaves you missing those deeper connections and feeling empty. It’s better to know one person inside and out than a hundred on a superficial level. Better to put in the work in everything you love and experience the deep contentment of it than have a hundred empty nights out drinking, binging etc. If you’re dealing with people who haven’t grasped that yet send them love but keep your distance. Whoever you stay around shapes your life so you want to choose those people wisely.

We all know I’m weird as hell about posting my kids online but happy Mother’s Day to all the Mommas and Spartan Mommas out there! We get to do something amazing each day raising our children and I am eternally grateful for it. You can swipe to see my lil Boo’s Mother’s Day card to me. I think I’m doing something right. 😭😍 I typed it out here as well:
My Mom and Me
By Isaac
My favorite thing to with with my mom is play Mom the Monster. My mom always tells me “do you want to play outside?”. My mom teaches me to train my pet dog. My mom laughs when I tell jokes. I love my mom because she cares for me.
#spartanrace #spartanba18 #spartankids #spartanmom

I always forget that I stalk everywhere; I never walk normally. 😂 I spent my entire vacation repping Spartan but you could almost never tell cause my shirts were under a million layers. Just a lil oddball. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Pausing at the end of your last rep will help build up your strength, so will lowering yourself slowly so if you’re trying to your first bodyweight pull-up make sure to do both (and some dead hangs for that grip strength). Get your workouts in where you can, where there’s a will there’s a way. #spartanba18

Hope everyone’s killing their races in Montana! I love everything there BUT the barbed wire crawl. 😂🙌 Glacier National Park is unreal as well so be sure to visit if you have a few extra days.

I’m low key obsessed. 🤷🏻‍♀️🐶

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