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Photographer In Paris  Australian in France with cameras = best of all worlds. Editorial. Printable wall art.

Whilst on my whirlwind trip to Germany last week, I decided to make a couple of detours before heading back to France. This picturesque spot is in Belgium and is recommended as a day trip from Brussels - something to consider if you find yourself in that part of Europe. #belgium #dinant #prettyvillagesineurope

Two weeks ago at about this time of the day, I received a phone call that crushed my heart and changed my life as I have always known it. My sister at the other end of the phone, breaking down to tell me that my beautiful younger brother lost his life in a motorcycle accident. I’d messaged my brother back and forth the day before but had missed a phone call - I will always be tormented that I never heard my phone ringing and his voice at the other end. Today is Valentine’s Day. My husband who is holding me up through these times understands me well enough after all these years together to know that I don’t believe in Valentine’s Day, it’s not a day we take note of in our home. That said, today is the wedding anniversary of my father and step-mother, a lady who looked after my brother since he was seven years old. They nurtured him, loved him and grew him into a kind man who I was so incredibly lucky to have as a brother, a friend, a comedian, a buddy – the guy who always had a naughty joke to make me snort. Today was a day they have always celebrated with such love, yet today their hearts are broken at the devastating turn of life two weeks ago. I would give anything to turn back the clock, change the path of fate, take away the heartache they are experiencing but devastatingly, I can’t. So instead, in a rare show of public affection, to my quiet father, and my kind step-mother who has bought him happiness, and who grew my brother into the funny, gentle person I was so fortunate to have in my life for the time that I did, thank you for everything, thank you for being you, thank you for loving us. Thank you for M and everything he was. He loved you both as much as you loved him. Little did I know as I took this photo a couple of weeks ago, my brother was getting on his motorbike for one last ride. He will be missed forever. #matt

Going through folders looking for images, I came across this one, tucked deep away in jpeg land. Different from my irregular, not so recent posts but I really like it! :) My favourite time to enjoy Paris is first thing in the morning when everyone sleeps, you have the city to yourself, the light and shadows are interesting, there is a calmness that you don’t otherwise experience in the city. Motivating me to get up and out a bit more often. #paris #paris_bnw_photo #igersbnw #bw_society #bnw_captures #monochromatic #bnwinstagram #bnw_society #instablackandwhite #bwstyleoftheday #figureinthelandscape #francefr #bnw #franceunframed #seine #bnwmood #bnwphoto #bnw_lightandshadow

Fairytale château love! I left the family (and the puppy) for a whirlwind exploration of Loire Valley châteaux this weekend with @geeparee22 ! There were many castles involved, lots of laughter, loads of photos, and a room with this view! Not sure what kept me away from Amboise for so long but delighted to have finally scratched the surface to explore from our base at @grandesetapesfrancaises Amboise chateau hotel, Le Choiseul. #france #frenchcastles #chateaux #amboise #amboisetourisme #france_holidays #hello_france #franceFR #franceunframed #loirevalley #france4dreams #loves_france #visitfrance #lechoiseul #grandesetapes #indreetloire #valdeloire #touraine #romantichotel #heritagehotel #chateauhotel #igerstours #loirecastle #chateaudamboise #loirevalley @france_unframed @chateau_amboise @loirevalleytourism

A #tbt to a few weeks ago and a wonderful afternoon of walking + photography in New York with @nancymoon . While my family headed off to a Yankees vs Redsox baseball game, Nancy and I wandered around DUMBO and back across the Brooklyn Bridge. #parisvsnewyork #brooklynbridge #dumbo #newyork #manhattan #instanyc #instasummer #instanewyork #nyc #BigApple #USA #America #beautifulview #bridgesoftheworld #nypostnyc #newyork_ig #loves_nyc #abc7nyc #timeoutnewyork #thisisdarling

Blooming. Six months ago today things felt dark. Very, very dark - with a front row seat to some pretty despicable, questionable human behaviour. But ... there is light, there is beauty and life blooms. The bad taste lingers but it is washed away by the good people and the experiences that make life in France a place that is impossible to leave. What an amazing place you are France, thank you for letting me live here. #lifeinFrance #franceFR #blooming #bloomwhereyouareplanted #peonies #whitepeony #parisjetaime #franceunframed #parisflowermarkets #parisinwhite

Dreams. Gentle footsteps on the way to chase those dreams.

Crawling out of my shell to post for the first time in forever. I needed a pause from social media as life got in the way with a major case of crazy. I have a hard time pretending and filtering to paint a pretty picture of perfect when the reality is raw and unfiltered, so I took some time out, time for healing hearts and turning pages. Time to reflect, discover, grow, learn from life’s sometimes unpleasant lessons, be with my family, find zen, nurture my mind about letting go, creating new directions, new dreams, new goals, rising above the behaviour of others. Life can be disappointing at times, it’s impossible to control the behaviour of others, and the hardest lessons in life are the ones that burn deeply. Life really sucks sometimes. But today, I feel like the sun is coming out again, it’s time to rise on a new day, new experiences and challenges ahead, new amazing paths to travel, photos to take, coffee to drink in Paris cafes, sitting in comfy chairs with wonderful friends, sharing laughter and looking forward. It’s a good day to be back. #france #montblanc #alps #aiguilledumidi #rise #franceunframed #parisdigital

Life has been a bit of a merry-go-round of late so I took a little ride on the quiet side and buckled down to keep busy. One thing I had been thinking about doing for a while has now finally come to life. Over the years, I have been asked by people if I would sell digital downloads of my images - I wasn't ready for it until now so only had paper prints in the online stores. Recently I came to realise that images are no good just sitting on my hard drive, that I want to spend time being with people I care about and not standing in a slow moving line at a french post office. So today I announce that I have clicked the on button on a digital download store for many of my Paris images - and a few from further afield. Would love to hear your feedback - link is posted in my profile. 😊

If only I were sitting here right now...

Unfinished business.

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