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CARINA LIMA  Racing driver AM|| Mom of 👦 || Freedom! This is not only a CARs page... it’s my little virtual scape... 🌕GypsySoulF🌑 #carinalima #carinalima_racing

Trying to keep “Zein” with my flat tire 🤪 but nooo!! .... it’s ok I have my @frammentishop clothes on 🤘🙌♥️ #frammenti #carinalima #carinalimaracing #carinalima_racing #koenigsegg #agerars #hypercars #carporn

📢♦️SOUND ON 📣🔊ZENVO TSR-S, the legal street version of the model TSR.
A car that was created to be very fast, with a very powerful gearbox (I guess the fastest I ever seen apart from the racing cars), they were focused on the driving dynamics and not only speed, thinking about having such a powerful car with almost 1200bhp with a top speed of 325 km/h but mainly a car with such an incredible aerodynamic that would allow us to drive that beast (with all that power) with more confidence than many other cars. The thing that blowed my mind was that rear wing that was created to give more downforce to the car while driving, breaking and turning... with a G sensor at the back, that wing works as magic and as you can see on the video it reacts in all different ways while u are driving this master piece!
For the lovers of the mechanical engineering it’s for sure something that brings a lot of curiosity.... guys I will not extend myself anymore, the video talks by it self, who ever wants to know more about it can search on their page @zenvoautomotive ... there is a lot more detailed info about it... please do not ask me to compare cars because every hyper car is unique at his level and all of them give us different feelings and experiences... as for me, I am very thankful for having that experience and be sure that I would like to jump on it again on a track day :) the butterflies I had were not enough for sure, this is a car to explore much more and that is a 100% sure a real orgasmic pleasure the more u get to know the car ✨✨✨✨🙌 ZENVO TSR-S ❤️ @hyperfastcars @carinstagram @exotic_performance @arabgarage @black_list @amazing_cars @quatro_rodas @supercarsoflondon @supercar_driver @supercarownerscircle
#zenvo #tsrs #brutalmasterpiece #carinalima #carinalimaracing #carinalima_racing #hypercars #carporn

Well I wanna say thanks to these amazing people who invited me to one of the unforgettable experiences in my life ever... having the opportunity to drive the ZENVO and feel all that adrenaline... mixing of feelings... sometimes we think that we have tried many things and then something else comes up to show us that we are not done yet... once again thanks a lot to @zenvoautomotive for this amazing experience! ✨✨
Guys, I have videos that for sure you will like to see it and I will post it as soon as possible and describe a little bit more about what I felt when I drove and even as a passenger... right now I just want to say “thanks” 🙏✨ #zenvo #tsrs #brutalmasterpiece #carinalima #carinalimaracing #carinalima_racing #hypercars #carporn

Enjoying this GT2 RS and enjoying exploring these 700CV with his 2 turbos on it... I had the chance to get on the 300km (they say the car can reach the 340km) I guess I will have to try another time with better conditions because I must admit it’s not an easy car to drive specially at a certainly speed that he wants to become the “master” and not the horse... as for the petrol consume it shows 11.8l/100 km... as for me (what did I do wrong 🧐) it was 16.9l for a few hours driving on highway... that rear-wheel-drive as I said at one certain point he wants to become the master and the challenge is to keep it on your control at high speeds... but this baby has also an amazing aerodynamic which gives it a better downforce and it helps to keep it balanced. I could say many bla bla bla bla now, but I guess each one of us feels things differently and have different opinions.... me so far, I have to say “GT2 RS it has been a pleasure to drive you and to discover you” ✨✨✨💙 Let me know your thoughts 🧐🤗
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#mood 👁“hate me or love me, u are going to live with that” I simply cannot choose for you.... u will never be me and I will never be you.... simple as that... 🙏✨#beyourself #carinalima #espalheobomastral #carinalima_racing #carinalimaracing #me #koenigsegg
Pic by @balco thanks 🤗

✨🤣That silly smile 😅 when you are sitting inside the Agera RS1 @whitesse with your favorite Pajama 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 !!! Incredible trip and memories 🙏✨🙌
#carinalimaracing #carinalima #carinalima_racing #agerars1

It’s a sunny day and they are calling 😅👌 mamma’s beauties ❤️🌑🖤🧡 #carinalimaracing #carinalima #carinalima_racing #koenigsegg #london

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