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John Bojanowski  18 Years farming 100 year old Carignan, Terret Bourret and other old grapes. This is a page for vineyard, grape and winegrower moments.


Gee frodo, the spell worked and the secret door opened. Now let's get inside before the orcs arrive!
#eudemis on #carignan So YOU think you got a grapeworm problem!?!
Harvest is in; let us make wine.


#Vendanges2017 homestretch; still one more day of picking, 150 more 15kg boxes of grapes to lift and coax into the destemmer.
Minus 40% grapes volume; beautiful though. Get it before it's gone!

@thsrocks this is what your 2017 Frenchy alum was doing before Lycée kicked in!

Good morning love. This new day has broken; anything can be. No grape gets outta here alive.

2 days to go, 2 fields to pick. Might shave tonight, just for fun.

Fire, fury and frankly power the likes of which this world has never seen before.

What is #ClosDuGravillas ?
Have we truly attained peak StJean ???

This is not #syrah , this is NOT August.
#RedGrapeHarvest well underway before the first school bell rings.
Deal with it and move on.
#closdugravilas #gimios #souslescaillouxdesgrillons

The strange case of the Harvest day when i thought my presse was broken, when the pharmacie didn't have bandages in stock, when we picked pink grapes (again). 3 varietals of pink. We also pumped over the orange wine and I think we are going to have to deleste it! Google Translate!!! Exterminate the brutes who don't like Orange (this year whole bunches, stems obligent !!!

Pretty people pick à peck a pinky Piquepoul....when's the Piquepoul picking presque prête?

So we got these pretty baby #piquepoul replacement grapes and don't think it's kind to utterly crush them when they are yet so insouciant, still so nonchalant in their embrace of our summer sun. It is only 21 Aout!

Vine Date 18/08/17.
Captain's log 1
#GrapeHarvest begun, two full weeks ahead of plan.
The Boy is back from America, looking good and leading the grape humping team.
In 1999, first harvest, mom was carrying The Boy around in her belly. Definitely easier to have him carrying the boxes of grapes.
Courage everyone. Captain signing out.

Is it me, or is there always à good party somewhere on Instagram?? Must be my terrible life choice.

#orangewine on the truck and coming to California . Just in time for another meal, a new celebration. #LetTheWildRuckusBegin

#AFleurDePeau #Gravillas #Muscat

Gee mom i wanna go Home; tired an i wanna go ta bed. Had à lil drink bout an hour ago...
#Gravillas #lovielh #veraison
#carignan #CazellesMinervois

Almost time for a little vacation, don't you think? After 106 years, I'm not doing so badly...

Ah Veraison, the great changing of colors. Start thinkin bout pickin (an grinnin). Vines in tip top shape fit & ready for a month of benign neglect and a gentle push from little more rain--12mm in last night's t storm but no noticeable hail. We growers are all ready for this extended spring fling to finish. We have a music festival this weekend in Assignan, a great pouring of vieux cepages Saturday in Trilla, and a steady stream of Americans, Irish and expat exiled Frenchmen. A week at a nearby beach is rumored... This is Young Syrah. This is #RendezVousSurLaLune 2017
This is #Gravillas life.

#FarmerLife #lifeinthefastlane #whatthehelldoesthatredlampsignify #gravillas
It was only a clogged airfilter; bullet dodged.

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