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Cari Champion  Download BEHONEST podcast by clicking on that link below 👇🏾. Proverbs 3:5-7. ESPN Los Angeles!@carichampion. ESPN SportsNation

I don’t see @tasha_muah and @fabiolamercadobeauty in the background.:-( Let’s play dress up. #nightgang

Listen carefully as my guy.. yells “No”. You’re not aloud to harass folks Cari.. I found DJ on set anyways😂🤷🏾‍♀️.

The @nbctitangames airs in Jan. 2019! Sing with me (lil Duval) 😘

This is for @kelleylcarter and @jemelehill ... I’m very thrifty! Tight with a 20. #budgetcari😘

This ISH is EPIC! Look at this crowd, look at this set and look at DJ... and moi:-) I’ll take the SHOUT💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾Repost @therock with @get_repost
You can really get a sense of the crowd’s emotions and goose bump worthy atmosphere we’re creating on my new show, THE TITAN GAMES.
Taking place in our massive TITAN ARENA - the biggest outdoor structure ever built for an athletic competition series on TV.
This arena truly is awe inspiring.
THANK YOU to our raucous nightly crowds who give all their energy and make this arena come alive!
And THANK YOU to our relentless athletes who are leaving it all in the arena - Every. Single. Night.
I created the @nbctitangames for you.
It’s your platform.
It’s your spotlight.
It’s your time to shine.
#TitanGames #TitanArena

So excited about this next adventure. My day job made room for my night job! (Thanks Espn) Working with an incredibly talented group of people! In front of the camera and behind the scenes. #thetitangames #nbc #bgd @therock

What a pleasure @sydseau is!! The @30for30 on her father Junior Seau is powerful! Please tune in Thursday for her interview on C2C! And the doc is on the @theespnapp Thursday!

Sooo just bc im feelin like Farrah...


“Thigh Meat and Journalism” where do I begin? I could start with that time in Vegas... or when we got lost in New Orleans. There was also that one time in Mexico— but never mind, I’ll start with an email. You emailed me when I first arrived at Espn bc you wanted to give me the “lay of the land.” And a sisterhood was born. We continue to give one another a “heads up”, “game” or just a simple “tehe” together. I let the world know you were an integral part of my growth in Bristol. You helped me in so many- I was just lucky enough to be one of the many you shared Popeyes with! You fought for me when my voice was muted. You are FEARLESS or completely unaware:-) -just kidding. 😂But YOU are one of those RARE TV ppl with talent and a heart. Nothing is an accident. Everything happens for a reason. The reason for you my friend: ITS YOUR SEASON. Claim what’s yours -unapologetically! And please don’t cuss everybody out on Twitter! There are still a few children reading Queen👑. (A missive for @jemelehill)

I’m really FULL! Just wrapped our first weekend retreat for @browngirlsdream. My friends and I are mentoring some amazing young women. I had no idea how it would turn out but I’m so excited by the response and overwhelmed by everyone’s willingness to give back. HOLD THE DAMN DOOR OPEN! We hold it open because it’s heavy as hell and it’s not easy. So our pledge is to help the Dreamers! 🙏🏾. Thank you mentors and mentees and everyone who helped bring the vision to life. God is good❤️. If you’d like to support the Dream, please send your donation to Edward Charles Foundation c/o Brown Girls Dream. 269 South Beverly Drive, Suite 338, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Lakers fans last year:-( versus Lakers fans this YEAR! #weback

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