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Caleb Arias  Dubai// March 14th-Jun 25th

So this was shot at a fancy Italian restaurant in New York, but the story lies in why I was in New York. So this past January was my grandma's 70th birthday, and she really really wanted to go to New York with the whole family. So we all booked tickets and set the date and a week or so before the trip she fell down some stairs and broke one of her ankles and badly fractured the other so she ended up not being able to go on her birthday trip 😪

This is John Ellis, my best friend. There are many words to describe him but the main one I would use is kind. John is probably sweetest and most genuinely kind person I've ever met and I wouldn't trade my friendship with him for anything. I never want to stop being his friend and I never want him to not succeed in life. You're my best friend John Ellis.

So for those of you who couldn't tell by the trademark facial hair, this is my dad. He's been the single biggest inspiration to me and my photography over the past few years and there will never be anything I could do to show my full appreciation for that. I owe so much to this man and I'm so thankful to be able to call him Dad. ❤️ This was shot outside of a restaurant in Tennessee when we were on a job shooting for HGTV. Shot on portra 800 through a Nikon n8008.

So if you read my last post you'll kinda know what's going on, but Instagram has trapped me in a creative bubble recently. Now don't get me wrong, I love Instagram and the community here but I've created a style for myself that I love and will continue to shoot, but I shoot other things too that never reach anyone because it doesn't match my "aesthetic". So I'm making the choice to still only post work I'm happy with, but start posting things that have a little bit more meaning to my personal life. This next month is going to be mostly pictures shot on film and with those pictures I'll write a little story either about that moment or something related to the picture. I hope that you'll enjoy the little snippets of my life I would normally never share❤️

So I'm gonna be using my instagram for the next month as a place to show some of my personal work that I normally wouldn't share here because of my "Classic Carias" aesthetic. Majority of the pictures will be film pictures I recently got back from the lab but there will be some from while I'm here in Dubai! More details in the next post as to why I'm doing this.

My regularly scheduled programming

The sound of teal was deafening and the color of electricity excited me.

Moving to night time

Okay okay okay I HAD to have at least one silly touristy photo of myself on here. I couldn't help it🤷🏻‍♂️

Constantly searching for higher ground.

Life guard on duty ft. the Burj Khalifa 🏖

Missin this guy. Also how was this taken with a phone camera? Technology is getting wild. #shotoniphone7plus

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