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Carey Nieuwhof  This is my official Instagram. (The others are fake.) Founder of Connexus, blogger, author & host of the Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast. Grateful.


If the universe is random and there’s no God, why are we moral creatures? Evolutionary theory and naturalism struggle with this. So does moral relativism. // Tomorrow we tackle science and God in Part 2 of the Problem of God series at all three locations of Connexus Church and live online. Swipe through to see pics from the launch of our new Midland location last week!

I read every one. Thanks guys. So much. You’re the best! And come hang out on InstaStories. It’s so much fun and I basically show up there more than anywhere else.

Did we mention there’s food? Early bird rates disappear tonight. www.CanadianChurchLeaders.ca to register now. :)

Many of us are three questions away from our belief system collapsing. Follow where the evidence leads, not where you hope it will lead. The Problem of God Part 2 happens this Sunday at @connexuschurch.

Cleaning closets out. Found this (again). For some reason I never hang my degrees up. Back in the day when I was a lawyer. Osgoode days were good days. Best thing to come out of law school, though, was @toninieuwhof.

And that would be tomorrow. Don’t miss out on the best rates for you and your team. The Canadian Church Leaders conference happens June 14-16 and tickets are going fast. www.CanadianChurchLeaders.ca.

“The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.”
‭‭Galatians‬ ‭5:6‬ ‭NIV‬‬ // Love all. Love deeply.

Got an hour of snowshoeing in today. Saw this on the way home. Love Oro-Medonte.

Approximately 37.2% of my Story feed is about my #BigGreenEgg and BBQ. Which is great. But here on the full Insta I thought I’d share my current favourite charcoal blend. Base of @fogocharcoal for a long clean burn, topped off with @biggreenegg lump charcoal for flavour and smaller pieces. Great flavour starts with great charcoal. Throwing some peach, pecan and apple chips and chunks on tonight as well. (Chicken for tonight and small filets for later going on tonight’s grill.) ♨️🔥♨️

It starts THIS MORNING. Join us at 9 or 10:30 at our brand new location in Midland (Galaxy Cinemas), Orillia (Galaxy Cinemas) or Barrie (20 Mills Road) for the launch of The Problem of God. We're tackling the biggest objections there are to Christianity. (Don't live in Simcoe County? Join us live online at www.ConnexusLiveOnline.com at 9 and 10:30 a.m. Eastern)

What’s that old scripture? Greater love hath no husband for his wife than he export all the old family photos off a recently discovered ancient MacBook before discarding it, even if the thing is horribly slow and can no longer be updated and uses thumb drives? I think that’s the verse. #HusbandTips

Tomorrow we start a six week series at Connexus on the problems almost all of us have with God, especially people who have rejected Christianity. Join us tomorrow at 9 or 10:30 in Barrie, Orillia or our brand new Midland campus. www.ConnexusChurch.com for directions and info.

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