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When should you advise a buyer to hire an expert?
Case in point. In a 1994 case, the buyer’s agent gave assurances that the property was 1+ acre and thus could be split, which was very important to the buyer. The information was based on the MLS, plus the agent had "eye-balled" it.
In reliance, the buyer closed. 10 years later, in a boundary line dispute, it was determined that a fence had been wrongly placed. The actual acreage of the property was only .998 and could not be split. In this case the agent should have advised the buyer to hire a surveyor.
Where a particular inspection is deemed important, the buyer should be advised in writing to have it done. If the buyer declines, then use form BIW for the buyer to waive the inspection in writing. Lesson: Always advise the buyer to undertake further investigations.

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