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I can't believe filming finished for @lifeinayearmovie !! Congratulations to @caradelevingne and the whole cast x

please wish me good luck for today. X

appreciation post for this inspiring beauty. love + miss you .πŸ’œ

'But the most important journey I think all of us will go the journey in ourselves'. πŸ’œ #caradelevingne #caravideo

Annoys me so much when people go hating on celebrities when they photoshop their images like THEY CAN DO WHATEVER THEY WANT it's not like they're committing a crime? Do people really not have better things to do than hate on people who don't even know they exist??

We all have that one person who we'll always have a special place in our hearts for, no matter what they do or say. No matter what you say about them. One look at their face or the sound of their voice just brings all of the emotions back again


Hi guys I have so many exams coming up which is why I might post a bit less. I might get a co-owner temporarily during this period of time to keep this account active. I'm so so sorry I can't be with you guys during this period of time. I love u and will miss u so much. Hope you understand. Bye. X Ginny

Remember when Cara dyed her hair brown and we all perished


ain't you ever seen a princess been a bad bitch

Night. X

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