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I can't believe she follows.  Cara Delevingne - Connecting people. 🥑Embrace your wierdness 💛 18/10/14 24/02/15 21/09/15

Be mentally attractive.

I am that kind of person who stops watching a tv show when my favorite characters break up. I believe in real love. When two are meant to be together. In tv shows. #caradelevingne

What are you guys watching on #netflix at the moment? #caradelevingne

I think I've never been so excited for a movie like I am for #Valerian. July, it's time for you to knock at my door. #caradelevingne #lucbesson #danedehaan

It's a bittersweet symphony this life.. ☕️☕️ #caradelevingne

💚. There is freedom within, there is freedom without. Try to catch the deluge in a paper cup. There's a battle ahead, many battles are lost but you'll never see the end of the road while you're traveling with me. #ArianaGrande #MileyCyrus #WeAreWithYou #HappyHippie #DontDreamItsOver

What happened affects me a lot. - Once again. Because concerts are everything to me. But Honestly, I don't have any words for these happenings anymore. What kind of world is this. How many "prayers" do we have to "send" - to how many cities or countries until this stops?
I mean I'm impressed by the helpfulness and solidarity that has been accomplished by so many people after all these cruel attacks. This world COULD be beautiful. And still tho, I wish there would be something to make this all come to an end.

Why can't I get over this freaking moment. #coldplay #fixyou

I love the fact that basically all of my friends (and even some people I just met) keep tagging me on pictures about coffee. Sometimes I really think that they all believe I was made of coffee. But c'est cool. I love it. The fact that people think of you when they see something related to coffee. The fact that people think of you at all. #caradelevingne

I hate mondays. I hate mornings. Good morning. Or maybe not. #caradelevingne

"Bring on your forces of nature, bring on the storm that's raging. And if you get lost in the shadows, there's a fire inside you." #caradelevingne #puma

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