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Cara Nicoletti  Butcher and sausage-maker, cookbook author, host of THE HANGOVER SHOW on Munchies

My lil babies all tucked in. Go get em @fostersundry tomorrow! (Top to bottom: chicken potsticker, chicken kale pesto, chicken harissa mint, beet & dill, chorizo verde, banh mi, philly roast pork, matzo ball soup, xiao long bao) #sausagegrids

Light (breakfast) in August

Yes hello I am guest appearing at @fostersundry to stock the case with tube meats for your weekend pleasure!! Jerk chicken, matzo ball soup, philly roast pork, borscht, pho, chorizo verde, chicken togarashi and kasekrainer (not pictured). #sausagegrids

Today we celebrated my papa Seymour’s 89th birthday by grilling 40 pounds of beef and lamb together. I love him so much.

This is an everything bagel panzanella salad that me and @joythebaker made so that we could eat a loaded up everything bagel but in a healthful way

This is a welcome home meal this is a very good meal

Homemade bacon cheeseburger sausages shmokin on an itty bitty grill in @joythebaker’s backyard

I didn’t post for national hot dog day but I. Don’t. Post. On. Sacred. Holidays.

I met Malka through @officialspikelee and #uberpresents new documentary, #darepublicofbrooklyn , which highlights the stories of 4 @uber drivers living and hustling in New York City. Malka escaped an abusive marriage, arranged for her in Pakistan when she was only 16 years old. When she arrived in the US she barely spoke English, knew no one except her husband, and didn’t know how to drive. After fleeing her marriage and finding safety in a domestic violence shelter with her two sons, she hustled to get her driver’s license and go to cosmetology school. Eventually she found freedom for herself and her sons by driving Uber—a job that constantly surprises her with how much joy it brings her. The best part, she says, is having the flexibility to set her own hours, so she can still spend time with her sons. “It’s important for me to spend as much time with them as I can,” she says. “I want them to see me working for their future, I want them to know how strong women can be.” When we met, we swapped stories about our respective hustles—what we do and what we hope to do. What it’s like to be women in male-dominated fields, and how we find joy in our work. We talked about food, the foods she likes in Brooklyn and the ones she misses from Pakistan. “Good chicken biryani is what I miss most, so I make my own. The key,” she says, “is layering fresh mint so it gets in every bite. That and the raisins. You have to have raisins.” This chicken biryani sausage is for you, Malka, your hustle inspires me, I’m proud to know you!

Catch Malka and 4 other inspiring drivers in @officialspikelee’s #darepublicofbrooklyn on today! (And get these sausages @fostersundry all weekend) 💖

Jerk chicken, chicken kale pesto, chicken bacon ranch, buffalo chicken with blue chz. In the case tomorrow! #sausagegrids

Hey friendly fam, I’m back at Foster Sundry tomorrow and Friday working to get all your faves in the case for your holiday stock up. Come see me!

As a person with a physical job I’m always looking for workwear that’s both comfortable AND flattering. For years I’ve been swimming in stiff and starchy menswear or trying to squeeze into women’s wear that i can barely move in, which is why I’m so excited that @tilitnyc just launched a line of jumpsuits! Whether you’re a chef or just a human who likes looking cool and feeling good, check them out, they’re the best #iworkintilit

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