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mory cira  Instagram is real life. I am a realtor, musician, reader, surfboarder and boyfriend.

T🌹 doing his thang. #timrosegold #barefoot #whatarethose

This is why you become a musician. #feelings

My favorite time of the year!!! #nahokuhanohanoawards2017 #thisyearandeveryyear

A L O H A • F R I D A Y

It's ya boy #millahtime bout to hando dat. Everybody come down, I mean it's Jazzminds, who doesn't like Jazzminds? @twelvenoonandmidnite #ackshun #hothawaiian #knights #newmusic #supportlocalhammahs

Happy Cinco de Mira. Come hang out with us (just me) at Kukui Grove tonight from 7-8pm for some live action (and music) #multiplepostfridays #tacofridays #mardigracias #gonnadrinkamargformarg

I call this thunderous bean shot sits in the hole. #converse

Just finished the last page in this thing. In it is the better (worst) parts of the last 6 years. Those of you who've seen the contents of this account have seen the nightmare situations I've been in and the nightmare I have been myself. If you don't already journal I highly recommend doing it even if you forget. The collection and analysis of self is such an integral part of growth. Another secondary advantage is the ability to give insight and help to those going through similar situations and can provide such valuable perspective on an instance that is currently going on in someone else's life. This is my crisis journal as I've aptly named it and I wouldn't trade it and my stories for anything. #youshouldgoandloveyourself #youreintheredontworry

Jokes on us. #summer2017

Right now we're at 96,812. If EVERYONE gets a free Kini let's just say at cost it costs @sunnycoclothing $1.26 to make a kini that means they are currently about to give away $121,983.12 in bikinis. If this isn't click bait at its finest I don't know what is. #welldone #marketing #adworks

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