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Thanks to everyone that sent loving messages for Roxy. She goes into surgery again this morning and we are praying this time it will be successful. I just want to be able to take her back to the beach, her happy place. And for her to no longer be in pain ..... We love you Foxy Roxy you got this honey bear xxx

Let just say I thought the new fragrance by @tomford was fabulous
#TFFabulous #PrivateBlend #PrivateBlendExperience @tomford @flarecommunications

My last trip to Bali I bought 4 books, yep 4. In my mind I was thinking you got this girl, you can totally read 1 book a day. And work and sleep and do yoga. Clearly I was dreaming. In some kind of solo sleepless zombie mode while in the airport I became a speed reader in my mind. I have currently finished one! Can I please get an applause from you all for at least that accomplishment. I literally need to travel to find the chance to read. I’m trying so hard to do it before I go to sleep at night but damn Netflix is always softly chanting “watch me, watch me” in the back of my head. Does anyone else have this problem. At least this one got to be a prop haha. I will read it! I have started, I swear.


Planning my next Bali adventure ... yes again. I can’t stay away from the place that makes my soul jump with joy. That would be a crime right?

Because everyone loved Indias buffalo picture so much yesterday x
#FreijaRain #BraveLikeABuffalo

My baby and your baby Mrs Graffalo xxx
#LifeOnLantau #IndiaWilde

Wishing weekends lasted forever
#oursandangels #summerof2018

Finally our Vlog from our trip to Vietnam is up. Now the insta version of this is badly edited ( sorry I have been so busy) but I just wanted it up for you guys to get inspired to head over to my channel to watch the whole trip. I will also be doing a write up on my blog This was such an awesome vacation for us that started with 5 star royal treatment at @intercontinentaldanang and ended up backpacker style full of adventure. Both were awesome although we totally should have ended the trip at the Intercon instead of starting it there. Life was hard after that haha.
Travelling with kids is never easy but it creates the most treasured memories. We rode bikes, we made friends with the locals that so kindly invited us into their homes and shared a meal with us. India and Freija got to do their first cooking class. We laughed and we cried.
Hope you enjoy and please do watch the full video for lots of laughs and adventures, link in my bio xxxx

I grew up by the sea and was always taught to appreciate its beauty. Being near the ocean is where I’m happiest. It’s where I feel most calm and at peace. Nothing makes me happier than to share this love of the ocean with my children. It’s my duty to teach them to love and protect it. It saddens me to see how destroyed it has become in my life time. I hope by teaching my children to respect the ocean they will want to protect it. After all the ocean covers about 70% of earth so if our oceans die, our planet dies. La Mer Blue Heart Oceans fund is working towards protecting our ocean habitats for future generation and they have my full support on this project.

#LaMerBlueHeart @LaMer @propagate_hk #propagate_hk

I was happy to join the @diptyque grand opening of the artistic ifc flagship store last night.
In celebration of the new store they created a limited addition Hong Kong Candle using the beautiful native flower Bauhinia as one of the main ingredients, along with the unique Rice Steam and orchids to create a Hong Kong exclusive fragrance. I can’t wait to fill my house with this beautiful scent.
#diptyque #diptyquehk #ifcopening #perfumerandartist
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Today I got to learn more about @Nespresso’s sustainability efforts here in Hong Kong. We got to make salads using organic vegetables that have been grown in NT using Nespresso coffee grounds too. They also showed us some of the products that are made from the recycled aluminium capsules, which the material does not only safeguard the quality of the coffee, but also can be infinitely recycled. It’s really up to us, if you use these capsules please simply return them to Nespresso boutiques or when you get your next delivery and they will take care of the rest. #TheCapsuleJourney #NespressoHK
📸 @trevorttf

Totally in support of a movement towards sustainability.
Today I will be at @mo_landmarkhk to support them as the set New Industry-wide Eco-Friendly Standards with in-House Filtered Drinking Water
• Full intro of in-house filtered, purified premium bottled water with Sweden’s leading fresh water specialist NF
• First hotel in HK to invest in this to drastically reduce environmental impact
• Current use of Plastic is not sustainable: 5.2 M plastic bottles disposed of in HK daily. 500 bottles a day in hotel. F&B sustainable ingredients to go with exceptional purified Filtered water. 172 Michelin stars globally and 12 of top 50 “World’s 50 Best Restaurants” using. Replacing plastic straws with bamboo’s since 2016.

Thanks so much for the support Cara #livingwell #LMOsustainability #landmarkmandarinoriental #hkahf @mo_landmarkhk @hkahf @niin_style @jeaninemhsu @josootang @jess00923 @rekkebus @caragmcilroy @utahlee
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