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cara warren  exploring the parallel concepts between fashion || architecture || art || nature that bring beauty to our everyday lives

& one more shout out to my pops bc he loves snow & it’s a blizzard on his 60th birthday weekend 💙☃️• 🖤you so much

cheers to 60 years dad 💙⭐️🥳🖤 love you so much

cali girl prefers red wines over red lines ❤️🥰

lady legend // zaha 〰️

cali girl wishes each and everyone of you a fab 2019 💫 thx for capturing the love @kriyer

✌🏼out 2018 • so grateful to have had so many amazing family/friends/flower dogs behind me during this rollercoaster of a year • now let’s slow down a bit in 2019 k thx bye 🖤

plant art in bali 🌿 #plantsarefriends

🖤you mom @carbyp • ph x @michellelynnmorris

I❤️street art

streetscapes of hong kong 🖤

what an amazingly beautiful adventure w/ my best friend/husband • love you @trekot86 😘

even when you’re crying your beautiful too • never want to leave 😭🌿 @junglefishbali

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