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Cara Delevingne  Don't worry, be happy

my brain plays life is worth living by justin bieber because of all the upcoming seasons of my favorite series

I can't get over this look

I wish happy birthday to every person who celebrates today except harvey weinstein

let’s go crazy crazy crazy till we see the sun ☀️

remember to approach everything with love

😍 grl I am shook.

Je l'aime bien cette girl, je crois bien que c'est mon coup d'cœur

someone who doesn't love her as much as I do should write captions to my posts time to time because my brain goes like kzksqwwyymqks when I see something like THIS

we make assumptions because we don't have the courage to ask questions

pink it's the color of passion, today it just goes with the fashion

Today we should realize and become aware of what our value in this world is.We should stop belittle ourselves, stop critizing ourselves, overthinking our looks.Start focusing on our confidence which we fight everyday.In every single of us is something unique, beautiful, but we can discover it when we stop competing and comparing ourselves with other ones.Do wear what you want to, do your makeup based on your mood in the morning and feel good wearing it, show the world women can and women will.We want those things but won't do anything to change that.Be what/who you want to be. ❤