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Cara Delevingne  Don't worry, be happy

the worst feeling ever when you are supposed to be at the concert and enjoy the phuck out it but you just are not so you imagine the phuck out of it instead. ๐Ÿ’”

staring into your soul

You donโ€™t have to be perfect to inspire other people. Let them be inspired by the way you deal with your imperfections.

Hey people. How r u??
Man i was thinking and i wondered: do you have conections with certains songs in a way that it makes soooo fuckin emotional??? Cause man, sometimes I listen to a certain melody and lyrics and my heart dies like it makes me sooo sad or happy. So yeah,i just wanted to know if you ever felt it too.
By the way , the last time I felt ot was with Too little too latw by jojo.

Ok I saw a similar photo of her face in one store a week ago and now this.๐Ÿ’”

We naturally need to have the garantee that we are not alone. In order to be confortable, we get close to people so that we know we have someone in the hard times. As people grow closer , secrets are told, laughs are shared and , mostly, exspectations are created. These expectations are like powerful weapons. They make sure to make you feel safe when potential difficulties run through your mind. However , at the same time, it can bring disapointment when they don't come true. Personally, I believe the ones who make you feel safer are responsible for the worst pain. And why is that? Because these people come to a level of intimacy and connection with you that you hope that they will notice when you are in need of their compation. Or even worse: you actually think they will support you and not act as if all the promisses then made were a lie.
A feeling of loneliness completely takes over my soul when the ones I trust the most show me that I can't really trust anyone,beacuse, at the end of the day, nobody remembers their beautiful words in hard times.
And the thing is, expectations are like chains. After broken you feel like a lonely part of something that was united once. You want things to be the way they were before. But your strings were riped so harshly that remaking the chain doesn't seem physichly possible. That is the moment when you wanna call someone, or talk about how you feel, but you just know there is nobody who would actualy want to listen.
It just happened to me right now. I am fucking tired of listening to cute things and then being pushed away. Really, if you don't plan to be loyal to the things you say, than just stay quiet. Feeling so fuckin alone.
Good night.

Waittttt a second.let's talk about this photo. Mannnn it looks amazingggg and also the vocals on More than that are THE BEST. I am in love really.
By the way am i the only one who got Lana del rey vibes??

Nothing breaks like a heart ๐Ÿ’œ

Idk why I am writing this post tbh. But I feel like I need to let this out of me . I thought about writting on my journal but I guess it is something I would like to share with something that might answer.
Sometimes I get really scared that my anxiety and negativity comes back. Like today,I was at the mall with my mom and sister and I just kept having this bad feeling in my chest. Like as if I was embarassed,I couldn't stand the thought of somebody staring at me you know. Idk guys bit I am just really sad bc lately I have been feeling anxious again. And that takes me back to the time of my life when it all started. I was a pretty negative person. I would just cry eveyday with no reason. I wasn't able to go to public places on my own and I aways had the feeling people would look at me and judge me. So I am a bit scared bc I have been doing these things lately and I am really trying to stay away from these vibes but I am soooo scared I can't fight this negativity and anxiety.

What are you staring at?๐Ÿฅถ๐Ÿ˜‡

You want it you got it โ„๏ธ

a wise man once said nothing.

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