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It's 70 degrees, so obviously we decided to go skiing. #skiliberty

Skipping stones

Working on the theory that a smile on the outside will bring a smile to the inside.

She hates waiting almost as much as I do.

When I dyed my hair blue, she begged to do something similar with hers and I flat out refused. She's too young, I thought. But the more I chewed on the idea, the less important that seemed. It's just hair, for crying out loud. By it's very nature, it's temporary and changeable. Despite this, even as we were doing it, I still had my doubts. She won me over, though. Now, I kinda love it.

Whoever invented Legos should be canonized. #StarWars

Sophie was delighted when she came down this morning to find toilet paper all over the living room with a special note from Angel. "She has great handwriting!" She exclaimed.
I believe.

Ho (ho ho)

The lights of 34th street never get old. #baltimore #34thstreet #christmaslights

Is there anything better than a ray of sunshine and a soft couch? #devonrex

Life is too short to not have blue hair at least once.

Lost hope.