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Jazmin Mercado  @jmvbrand ▫️ ✌🏼✨📷 Branding & Marketing @jnfcreatives #poweredbyjnf

Instagram is playing with me 😅
It’s blocked @jmvbrand from commenting,liking and having my website in the bio (even on this Instagram)
I can’t help but think how funny it is that I do this for a living and have never encountered this before!!! I would greatly appreciate if you guys would like, comment or follow @jmvbrand to help IG realize it’s a real account!
Thank you thank you to everyone who has reached out ❤️ I hold this project close to my heart and it means the world 🥰✨ As a side note & lesson ... this is 10000% why I tell clients to diversify their online presence. You never know when a platform might just kick you off ;) #icantevenusethehashtagwithoutbiengblocked #takingmyownadvice

JMV Brand is LIVE ❤️ After three years ... we’re finally here... & this is only the beginning ✨

Introducing New Jewelry, Denim & Bags


Bringing ideas to life ☁️ Full process in insta stories ✨ #poweredbyjnf #bts #cheatdayland

Coincidentally, yesterday was mental health day and @jesse2382 and I spontaneously took a break from work. Anyone who knows me well, knows I’m always working.. and I mean always.

I love it, but sometimes I envy those that can just disconnect... turn their brain off and stop the wheels from turning. Having a brain that is non stop 24/7 can lead to anxious moments, restless nights and overwhelm. I have the tendency to keep going until I burnout... call it hustling, entrepreneurship or just being silly.. it’s not healthy to not take a mental break. 🤯

We walked around enjoying art, architecture, food, drinks and random tourist attractions. I still got a few emails in (of course) but glad we took some time to reset and honestly enjoy our surroundings!

When is the last time you did something spontaneous? Had no plan and explored the city you drive by everyday? 🤔
#mentalhealth #workingonit #alwaysworking #jmv #reflections

Cheat Day Land is officially open! Checkout @cheatdayland for tickets & @jnfcreatives for sneak peaks & bts ❤️ #poweredbyjnf

bǝɟoɹǝ 🙃 #poweredbyjnf

Painting our Canvas ... Being Busy 🐝s - Can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on 🙃 #poweredbyjnf

Got a special coffee mug, decent cup, two bowls and an interesting vase out of our clay date night 😂❤️ #throwingclay #ceramics #wetried

Happy Anniversary Babe! 😻❤️😘 Can’t believe we’re on year 5! So proud of the life we’re building together and can’t wait for all the years to come 🐳❤️ #thatsmybestfriend #muah #dorks

Happy Birthday to this little one ❤️ Seeing you grow up is such a pleasure, love you forever 😘 #minibaby #sunnybunny #7

10 year old picture, taken on a Cannon Powershot 3.2 megapixel camera macro setting. I was on the floor with the lens as close as I could possibly get on the beach in Puerto Vallarta. Love that photography provides memories like these 📸❤️ #jmv #cannon #powershot #wbw

This is only the beginning 🙏🏼❤️🔌 @jnfcreatives #poweredbyjnf #brand #market #web

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