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Bouncer smith  48 years as a charter boat fisherman in south Florida

Ian and Mike had some tough battles today. The Tax man was on the prowl. We got several kingfish, amberjacks and bonitos. One and a half mutton snappers add some good eating. @dusky_boats @fishtomakeadifference @evinrudeoutboards @pennfishing @costasunglasses @starbrite_com @teamsimrad @maxzerbone #ashleylivebait #bouncersdusky33

We had a great day with Mark and Arthur. They caught a barracuda, 3 mahi, 3 bonito, 10 almaco jacks on jigs, 5 almaco on bait, 3 amberjacks on bait, a big amberjack on a jig, 2 groupers and a porgy. @dusky_boats @evinrudeoutboards @pennfishing @costasunglasses @teamsimrad @starbrite_com @maxzerbone #ashleylivebait #bouncersdusky33

A couple of big bonito, tagged and released red snapper and almaco jack, a couple of mahi and a kingfish provided today's fun. @dusky_boats @evinrudeoutboards @pennfishing @costasunglasses @starbrite_com @teamsimrad @grayfishtag #ashleylivebait #bouncersdusky33

No truer words were ever spoken.

This trip is a blast! I offer half day trips for $125 plus gas to Dusky owners during this event . Let's go have fun. @dusky_boats @evinrudeoutboards @abie_raymond #bouncersdusky33

A solid day of bottom fish. 5 big yellow eye snappers, 10 sculpin, 3 barracuda, 3 mahi, a bonito and a red grouper. @dusky_boats @evinrudeoutboards @pennfishing @costasaltwaterfishing @starbrite_com @teamsimrad @hookerelectricreels #ashleylivebait #bouncersdusky33

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Neil, Robyn and Jesse had a nice variety today. 6 mahi, a sailfish, 2 big amberjacks and a nice snapper provided the fun. @dusky_boats @evinrudeoutboards @pennfishing @costasaltwaterfishing @starbrite_com @teamsimrad @thebillfishfoundation @grayfishtag @abie_raymond #ashleylivebait #bouncersdusky33

You be the judge. The girls say they had the best catch. The boys say they had the best catch. Who wins? Great action this morning. Kingfish, mahi and bonitos all inside 400 feet of water. @dusky_boats @evinrudeoutboards @pennfishing @costasunglasses @starbrite_com @teamsimrad @the_weekly_fisherman_show #ashleylivebait @abie_raymond #bouncersdusky33

We fish on Timely Sale yesterday with our good friends, the Arostegui's. We caught mahi on bait, jigs and flies. Out main effort was very deep water bottom fish on manual tackle. We caught some nice black belly rose fish, a couple of tile fish and a snow grouper. The biggest bottom fish broke the tackle and got away. @dusky_boats @evinrudeoutboards @pennfishing @costasunglasses @starbrite_com @teamsimrad #ashleylivebait @abie_raymond #bouncersdusky33

John, Jim and Scoot had a tasty afternoon with a nice wahoo, 3 tuna, 3 mahi, a cero mackerel and some bonitos to add action. @dusky_boats @evinrudeoutboards @pennfishing @costasunglasses @the_weekly_fisherman_show @starbrite_com @teamsimrad #ashleylivebait @abie_raymond #bouncersdusky33

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