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Captain Muchacho's Food Truck  We like making funky tacos 🤓look through our most recent pictures to find our local weekly schedule

Beautiful day serving tacos at my favorite university. They are finally giving back to me for once haha #vfl #alumni #govols

BUSY WEEK 10/31 - 11/4
(Swipe for bonus pics from this weekend)
Wednesday private lunch
Wednesday dinner @trailheadbeer
Thursday lunch @knoxfoodpark
Thursday dinner @hopsandhollers
Friday private lunch
Friday dinner @alliancebrewing
Saturday private UTK Alumni lunch
Sunday @craftybastardbrewery

Only a few days of public services for this week before we go camping this weekend! Happy Halloween! 👻
@trailheadbeer for dinner Wednesday
@hopsandhollers for dinner Thursday

High up in the Misty, wait, Smokey Mountains, the muchacho caravan travels to serve a @chickfila corporate cabin party! Thanks for having us @chickfila! Also, I'm so happy with our new truck, conquering these steep mountain roads!

Happy day! Thanks to all of our awesome customers I was finally able to upgrade the old f250 to a nicer diesel truck that will be way more reliable. We are also blessed to be able to do some renovations to the trailer this winter when the season slows down and make some much needed improvements. Our number one priority is serving you guys great food and things like this allow more of my focus to be dedicated towards that. Thank all of you guys once again. We will be at @alliancebrewing tonight and @craftybastardbrewery Sunday!

Successful national taco day at @hopsandhollers 🙃#nationaltacoday #foodtruck #tacotruck

SCHEDULE 10/3 - 10/7
Tonight @trailheadbeer
Thursday lunch @knoxfoodpark
Thursday dinner @hopsandhollers
Friday @alliancebrewing
Saturday double @knoxfoodpark
Sunday @craftybastardbrewery ^3 year anniversary party at Crafty!

WHOA @brewzooknox was AWESOME! And @tootsietruck approves as well. Thank you Knoxville for the sell out night.

SCHEDULE 9/19 - 9/23
Tonight ayy finally a sunny Wednesday at @trailheadbeer
Thursday @hopsandhollers
Friday lunch @knoxfoodpark
Friday dinner @brewzooknox
Saturday off
Sunday @craftybastardbrewery including @sbret_east_tn and @knoxbrewtours cuddle bus

Tonight @hopsandhollers
Friday lunch @knoxfoodpark
Friday dinner @alliancebrewing
Sunday @craftybastardbrewery 3-9

Got to feed some smiling faces today :)

Thanks for supporting us in the rapidly growing Island Home district of Downtown Knoxville. Sold out night once again at @alliancebrewing !!!

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