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✘Pirate's life for me✘  Funny Old World

"He just left
With no note or goodbye.
He left her behind.
So selfish and so cruel , he even couldn't stand his face in the mirror.
She was afraid since the first day he left. She was afraid that his face wouldn't leave her mind.
Those memories, those times. ,Just passing through her head. She knew he would come back just to prove her that she's the only one.
He knew that she was still the one holding his heart.
Feeling the sunlight, hearing the waves calmed her, helped her to keep her hope. Her face in his dreams and her voice in his ears took him back right where she was. He held her in his arms, he always thought that he would never do it again. There he was , still in love "

Hello there
Willelizabeth lovers
I know I'm a sparrabeth
But one of my friends
asked me for this
And the song is her idea .
Go check it out☆
The link is on my bio
And you can read the
English translation
Right here
Lyrics translated from Swedish into English:

Ten years of longing

Could have been like yesterday
Felt the wind in my hair

With some lucky directing I became yours
In a subclass culture
And I am waiting every year
No one else that understands

And I doubt if we ever meet again
When I remember Caribbean
Because I carry what we got
And I stay forever
Can you take me away with a harmed hand
If you never reach to land
Because I carry what we got
And I stay forever
Can we believe, promise and stay in love
If your hope just disappeared?

I have sailed all the seas
Lived a life with big demands
I have seen how people breaks apart
It is a terrifying structure

If you find another one
I think it leads to that I
Navigate myself away
And live alone for all my days


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