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SOCK HEAVEN ENTHUSIAST 🐁🐀  major pessimist but in an artistic way - update there is. a sock emoji🧦 #1 MOTHER WAR STAN (also #2 joy & lisa stan) 🐲击🦆

hello i am back,, i just doodled this in health class. hope u can find artistic expression in it. ps, boobs are fun to draw, and completely normal!

wow look at me i’m the master of posting (of course not posting for a month qualifies as totally active, right?) i drew this a while ago, and it kinda just sucks. i’m sorry for not posting, i’ve been stressed, sad, and unmotivated to do art. i even promised to post something interesting too!! i promise i will soon.

hello this video is terrible but!! this was a project we did in art,,, it was like an origami eye with the theme fantasy???? ya it’s cool i guess. i did a cool lil dragon eye with oil pastels :)) (kinda also looks a little foul but let’s IGNORE THAT; i do love me some OIL PASTELS MMMMMHHHMMM)
also,, catch me being super excited because when i go to high school my friend is going to get me straight into a sophomore drawing class!! the art 1 for freshman don’t even have a real teacher and i heard it kinda sucks¿ the sophomore drawing class (drawing 1) focuses on everything i want to focus on,, body proportions, faces, hands,, hair,, a bunch of other rad stuff, etc,,,, and the teacher is super cool. he literally gave his class a drawing prompt to draw their favorite vine of all time?? what a god tbh
but she showed him my work and he said i was super talented and that he’ll make sure to enroll me in his class :))) so i’m gonna get into that class and skip freshman art next year so i’m super EXCITE
i’m also going to take dance, beginning guitar, and ceramics!!
ANYWAYS i absolutely promise when i get into high school i’ll post on this account bunches,, especially since i’ll be doing art all the time and improving on what i’ve always wanted to do!!!!! i’m assuming i’ll be posting more around september-octoberish (so like frequent posting?) but i’ll still post of course because that’s FOREVER AWAY (time does fly though) high school is going to be better times for me luckily.
i’m still sorry for not posting,,,,, i feel bad :(
i drew a really GOOD dragon eye on my math exam today but of course he had to collect them so uhhh i’m not getting that back for a while uhh
also this art account was supposed to be more mcr ART related so I’M REALLY GONNA TRY OK,,, I’VE DRAWN REVENGE FRANK COUNTLESSLY MAN AND IT AINT COMING OUT RIGHT,, LIFE IS HARD
anyways yes!!! i hope to post later (haha silly me) and to see y’all later!!! now to either go do something productive or sleep (probably the latter¿)

uhhh me rn because i’m TERRIBLE at posting¿ please forgive me,, things have been busy and exhausting lately but i promISE some form of art will be coming soon,, i just wanna upload quality content you know?? i just am so impatient and mostly doodle REALLY BADLY SO YEAH PLEASE FORGIVE ME FFF

hello. have a very distraught mother war???? sorry it’s so terrible but? i’m at a friends house for a few days and all i have is copy paper, and a lil scratchy pencil but it’ll do with me. happy new years anyways!!!!! see u soon with an even bigger project :)


hello i’m back again!! i also forgot to post this other colorful one,, i like the other one better though :) each one took like 3 minutes,,, kinda basic i guess? i just used fine tip bic markers they work well :) also be expecting something new soon because inspiration just hit me like a truck and i feel better since my mom yelled at me to get up since she fixed me oatmeal :,) i love my mom

hello guys i just wanted to apologize,, i’ve been on an extreme creative block lately and i’m super sick as of current time,, i would’ve posted art around a week ago but i had exams and those were super stressful. i’m sorry for not posting,, im not quite sure if anyone’s active or will see this, but thank you for all of the followers!! it means a lot to me :) i promise to post more soon,, maybe after the new year?? i have a few ideas in mind ;) also merry late christmas and happy holidays??? yeah,, i’m super happy with everything i got
this caption is a mess just like my life currently but i ❤️ you guys and thank you so much for the support, it means the world to me :)

he’s done!!! this took forever,, and there’s definitely room for improvement, but i’m pretty okay with it:)
this is like my first time¿ using colored pencils like so?? it came out pretty alright. a trial and error i suppose.
//i couldn’t pick lighting but i think the second photo’s best. comment down below which looks the best to you if you’d like?? or anything?? thank you!

hello have an in-progress joyriding frank??? he looks slightly better now but i’m going to do some color corrections and probably finish it tomorrow :)

this is just turning out to be suPer baD fff
i shoulda just left it alone

hair is genuinely confusing????? i’ve never worked with colored pencils and realism. it’s quite interesting

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