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Aaron Capp  Husband, Father, Assistant Principal #principalstrong Powerlifter, Foodie 520/355/630 💪🏼 🏋🏻 #savagesociety code: capp10 to save at Stronghouseproject

Attending a very cool conference for work and had the pleasure of listening to and meeting this amazing educator @michaelbonner_ also he signed my copy of his book and complimented my muscles so that’s pretty cool too 😎 😂#excellenceinequity #proudeducator #getuporgiveup

When in Anaheim... eat Italian Ice with soft serve on top!! @joesice

So many choices.... so little time! We love @dohcreamery and Kynslee especially loves their Peanut Butter Cup ice cream and homemade Peanut Butter Sauce!! #dohcreamerybrandambassador

Couldn’t think of a more appropriate outfit for Patriots Day #neverforget

So many great pics from the last few days and this has to be one of my favorites.

Who takes spontaneous road trips with friends moving to Colorado?? We do!!! Decided around noon yesterday to go to Zion to help our friends out on their road trip to their new home in Colorado. Such a blast!

Oh my goodness!! Checked the mail today to find my baby staring back at me (and @seafoam_mint ) on a mailer from Joni and Friends

Having so much fun at Disney today!

I don’t often take days off, but when I do, I make them count!! Good times with great friends!

Been quietly visiting this gym on Tuesdays while Mrs Capp does Zumba and working on my weaknesses. Worked up to a double at 315 for Front Squats today and got to say Hey to my favorite @nutrishoptemecula people! Hi @jonrexwinkel Hi @kimm_possible1 #nutrishoptemecula

Unbeknownst to me, this hideous creature was hiding in the corner of my office...ok maybe not hiding per se, more like sitting in the corner unnoticed all day. Just couldn’t resist posing with “her” or whatever it is.

Win or lose, we love our @dodgers and now I want jerseys for us 🤣🤣 in case anyone needs an idea... a Jackie Robinson Jersey sure would be a great gift 🤣🤣 #t21 #nothingdownaboutit #prouddad

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