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Aaron Capp  Husband, Father, Teacher, Powerlifter, Foodie 520/355/630 💪🏼 🏋🏻 #savagesociety code: capp10 to save at Stronghouseproject

Happy World Down Syndrome Day!! Kynslee Grace and her bestie Esther Joy are ready to celebrate #worlddownsyndromeday #t21 #nothingdownaboutit 💙💛💙

It’s been a whirlwind of a week! In about a week I say goodbye to my friends and amazing students at Santa Rosa Academy and begin a new chapter at Tomas Rivera Middle School as their Assistant Principal! I couldn’t be more excited! But I will greatly miss all my Rangers and adopted kids there!! Love you all!!

Push day at work with bench (top set of 305x4) then onto incline work with lots of rep work and some pin press at my sticking point with 2x3x225 and finished off incline with some back down amrap fun. #workdontwhine #startingstrongman

After work deadlifts before chaperoning the dance. Gonna be a long day!! But had a pretty amazing morning that might lead to some big things. 🤞🏼 #deadlifts #startingstrongman #workdontwhine

Squats and incline press after work today. Worked up to 425x2 - weight still feels heavy. Then incline was 225x2 and sloppy. Determined to improve my cardio, while bringing back my strength. #workdontwhine #startingstrongman

Working and writing papers today. Went hunting a push press PR today after bench work. Got 240 but couldn’t lock out 245. Gives me something to build upon though. Used the multi grip bar to simulate log press #startingstrongman Might be time to get the @stronghouseproject elbow sleeves since these knee sleeves are a little too long for comfort. Strongest Principal in the world cheering me on in the background

One of my many duties is overseeing independent study high schoolers in a variety of classes. One class I’m particularly fond of and take an active role in lesson prep and such is Culinary Arts. This months project was to learn about Soups (among other things). A student heard my Pho story and decided to make it for me. Homemade bone broth and all!! Im very impressed!! Perfect dish for a gloomy SoCal day. #pho #homemade #foodie #soup

I put this together to remind myself of failures that will eventually become successes. #workdontwhine I’ll get it next time, and if not, the next... #startingstrongman #atlasstones Thanks @coachraystrength @teammaxtstrengthsports and @metroflexgym_murrieta for the help and hospitality

This is my awesome sister-in-law @kannydandra benching for the first time with her trainer- a dude I’m proud to call a friend @babytarzan93 I am so proud of the work she puts in! Full time mom, firewife, worship singer and total BEAST!

Squat session was 415x3 for a top set, then I went out to the yard @metroflexgym_murrieta to play with stones and destroyed myself.. again. RIP Forearms #startingstrongman #workdontwhine

Big stuff eating her Gelato tonight. Hands down the best pasta and pizza spot in the area!! Family owned business #shoplocal #foodiesinmurrieta

After work upper body day. Was fun to bench under the watchful eye of the worlds strongest principal. Only the second time I’ve done incline press since I started lifting 5 years ago. Getting it done after work. #workdontwhine #startingstrongman

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