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Aaron Capp  Husband, Father, Assistant Principal #principalstrong Powerlifter, Strongman and Food lover, PL bests 520/355/630 💪🏼 🏋🏻

Got under a little weight tonight. Another great visit to @metroflexgymmurrieta and this time took the @texaspowerbars Squat bar and comp plates for a ride. 200kg/440 freedom units felt good but slow

Really good clip of a ripped shirtless dude tonight, sorry my lame log press got in the way. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Needed an extra push so ventured out to @metroflexgymmurrieta for some shoulder work. Finished my working sets with a few sets of log press. @californiastrengthsports programming is outstanding!

My ❤️

*FOR SALE* Who’s looking for a ‘16 Civic with low miles? Only 35k miles (mostly freeway) and selling for $16,250

OHP tonight was not cooperating 70% felt more like 95% and IG will probably remove my video since Slipknot was on in the background and I don’t own the rights to listen to their music while working out in my garage alone. #sarcasmfreezone #dontbanmeinstagram #toolazytomutemyvideo #toomanyhashtags

Sunday cardio rounds before the super feast! Between sets 3 and 4 I pulled the wings out of the smoker and made sure the ribs were wrapped tight! Food + Fitness = Balance! Rocking Marvel socks and shirt in anticipation of some great trailers today! #fitfoodie

Off to a good night with these dudes! @kyleliversage @eric.ackerman1 @donaldliversage #hockey

@kyleliversage hooked me up with some rain gear, I was ready for some traffic control this afternoon in the rain! 🤦🏻‍♂️ 🤷🏻‍♂️ #canyouseemenow #aintafraidofalittlewater #coworkerblackmail

Cardio squats and axle press to start off my morning (repost due to background music 🙄) before church. Installed a new LED light in the garage gym and realized just how pasty these legs are! #sopaleithurts

Haven’t had ice cream since the end of December... but @love_lift_teach and @dstearns1018 swear this is legit so @rebelcreamery here goes nothing!!

My baby is off to her first Winter Formal tonight... not too sure how I feel about that... 😋😢

Joined #teamtundra and just had to find some trails today! Instagram meet Judy, she’s a big girl! #methodracewheels @tundra.nation @tundraoffroad @methodracewheels

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