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Aaron Capp  Husband, Father, Teacher, Powerlifter, Foodie. 479/347/623 💪🏼Team TheOnlineCoach 💪🏼 🏋 FVBBC #srastrength

Squats from this morning moved well. Got 3 at 460, wanted 4 but was seeing stars on rep 2 and 3 so called it there.

When it's crazy shoe and sock day at school and you can't decide which team you're on 🤔 #teammarvel #teamdc #teamcap #teamsuperman #confused

Before work and after. Swipe to see some juicy OHP in work clothes. BP was 305x3 at 6am. Not great, but closer to where I was.

Another morning Deadlift session that didn't go well. Supposed to get 1+ today, planned on getting 7 and only got 4 at 510lbs. Squat is going up, bench and dead aren't looking too good though. Gonna ride it out till June 9th and see where I'm at then.

Another unimpressive bench session from this morning. Weight moved ok, path seemed consistent. Posting this while my dinner settles.. this place is so good!

New flyer from one of our wonderful students. Sign up today! At (link in bio)

Working sets of this 5/3/1 day were 330x5, 370x3 and 415x1+ (I did 3) and I promise @masscervantes I was trying to do as you suggested by staying tall in the squat and minimizing the movement. If you swipe you can see I was more successful under lighter loads. Open to suggestions and tips. This is a secondary movement for me, but I still wanna be efficient and strong.

*asking for a friend

June 3rd AAU Ranger Open and Elementary, Middle and High School National Championships at @srarangers Badillo Center Gym. AAU sanctioned event, received red can be set. Medals for all divisions 1st-3rd. Registration is only $50 with a current AAU Powerlifting card!Who's in? Link in Bio

Needed this today. Rough start to my morning but got it done with squats. Plan was for 3 at 435 I was going for 5, and by the looks of it, could've fought for a 6th. Not as far behind my best as I thought I would be! Week ending tonnage =34190 time to recover!

Well... not today. 290x4.33333334 😑 followed up with some Spoto press which was lighter and less exciting than planned. Such is life.

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