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Aaron Capp  Husband, Father, Teacher, Powerlifter, Foodie. 479/347/623 💪🏼Team TheOnlineCoach 💪🏼 🏋 Club Iron Powerlifting #srastrength


Today's bench was 315x3 for my top set. Left a little in the tank too because of the soft touch 2nd and 3rd rep. Progress is progress

Doing some bench warm up for later and thought this #micahpush #challenge looked fun.... in a masochistic way! Thanks @micah_marino for the inspiring warm up!

And finally, the second half of day 4. I was pretty beat after all this and just kept thinking.......Pizza 😋

Day 4 was an Adventure to say the least!! This is all from one sketchy hike up Moro Rock. Kynslee slept with her head out the side for most of the 350 steps up and those same 350 steps back down

Day 3 was a loooooong day! We checked out Kings Canyon and Hume Lake. Kynslee didn't nap.... at all.... soooooooooooo...... ya

Day 2 was epic! General Sherman Tree and then the hike to Tokopah falls. I'm beat! Also just missed seeing a mama bear and cub. Great Father's Day with my little family

Day 1 at Sequoia in the books! It was gorgeous

Road trip before and after feels. Central cal watch out!

Quietest deads I've ever done! 505x4 top set at 7rpe Stiff bar def made things interesting today 🤔Followed this with deficit sets of 405x5 off a plate

Kynslee's killing rompers since 2015

Embracing the learning curve and limitations of my gym. My bar is super smooth on the sleeves and the knurl is minimal at best. Tank Top was a poor choice. Legs felt slow and confidence just wasn't there. Last set of 455 was supposed to be 3+ and cut it at two (shown) then came back for the third after I tightened the plates and refocused. Blessed to lift at home, but this bar is killing my confidence... or I'm just weak. #excusessuck #probablyjustweak

Oh the joys of the home gym learning curve 😑🤦🏻‍♂️ On the bright side, cutest little spotter/encourager today! Thanks Peanut! 😘

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