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Destery Smith 🎈  🌲 Portland, Oregon 🌿YouTuber 🎬 Director 🗣 Voice Actor 🎶 Musician 🏒 Hockey/Ice Skating 🎲 Game creator/ Enthusiast 💌 PATREON!:


Some people say I don’t give my other kitty enough love on Instagram so here she is. She was taking a nap next to my giant Totoro hahaa

My sweet baby Calcifer! I think it’s her birthday sometime right now so happy birthday :)) my precious little bean

Little something I’m working on! It’s coming together nicely I think! Not too shabby! Made in #propellerheadsreason @propellerheadsw

Me in my natural habitat. I often lay on graffiti ridden logs with heroin needle remains strewn around a grotesque surrounding swamp with thorns bigger than my sad excuse for a penis.

Feeling good in life :) this is an odd feeling for me.

Had a pretty cool adventure the other day! A couple friends and I ventured to Panther Creek Falls here in Washington! The falls were atop a mountain and there were two cars stuck in the snow covered road as we arrived. As we tried to turn around OUR car got stuck as well. So in order to get to it, we had to also hike up a mile of snow and I was wearing VANS lol. In the end it was pretty worth it though :) might go again near the summer!

*swipe for the video story* CRASHED MY DRONE TODAY. it was REALLY BAD. wasn’t my fault though, the GPS turned off and the compass messed up in it so it was flying blind. LEFT AND RIGHT WERE BACKWARDS. UP DIDNT GO UP. So it’s completely broken now, going to try to get a new one hopefully for free cuz this is BAD lol

Salem, Oregon :) had a great day adventuring to some creepy locations and flying my drone as well :) did some parkour and climbed some trees then we had some dope pizza in an arcade where I actually LOST AIR HOCKEY to my friend Brandon 😩. Good day! thanks jay for the photo!!

Went to the lovely Moulton Falls today, (where I took my Ravenclaw photos before) and hiked up the trail a few miles to the top of the mountain with an amazing view. MASSIVE THANKS to @leighton.stollard for coming with and listening to me rant about vaginas and stuff. Let’s go back soon!

Still so baffled and appreciative that a fan named Shianne got the Sailing Home Balloon and “Fair winds” below it as a tattoo! I’ve been lucky for so long to have such a tight knit community of such talented and amazing people. You guys are the best.

A wild Destery in his natural habitat :p PS: I ripped my pants RIGHT near my dong climbing trees today. Went to Starbucks and I’m pretty sure the lady saw my pants rip. Woops.

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